Range Rover Velar P250 Review

How do you make an SUV stand-out in a world full of SUV’s? Well, meet the

Range Rover Velar!

How does it look like?

One word- Stunning!

Right from the first-ever sketch that surfaced online to the first time I saw the car in flesh at  the British High Commissioner’s residence in New Delhi – Velar’s design (especially that rear overhang) is something that still doesn’t cease to impress me everytime I look at it. It’s just pure brilliant!


Yes, you are going to read a lot about the overhang in this review as it is what makes the Velar very very special. For our non-technical readers, I shall now break down the term – ‘Overhang’ as simply as I can.

The length of the car that extends beyond the wheelbase is what an Overhang is. If you look at the side profile of the Velar, the rear overhang is one of the major design element that defines the stance of the car. It’s like a Cobra ready to sting you or like a Cheetah which is about to set off eyeing for that prey.

The freshness of the exterior has also been carried forward to the interiors of the Velar. I remember the last JLR product that I drove was the 2018 Jaguar XF and I had clearly mentioned that the InControl Touch Pro unit felt very dated. However, as soon as you enter the Velar, first thing that are most likely to come across are the two massive screens in the centre console and boy do they look stunning! The modernity and the Tech OD remains doesn’t cease to impress- even on the inside. However, since all the Climate and media controls are now on the touch panel, you will be distracted every now and then trying to adjust the same.


We were driving the 2.0-litre petrol variant which is good enough for 247 horses and 365 Nm of torque. Transmission responsibilities are taken care by the tried and tested ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox. This 2.0-litre pot is amongst the new ones from the Ingenium family and offers some good levels of refinement. You cannot really call it underpowered for the Velar as the engine doesn’t mind being revved and pulls cleanly all the way through the rev range. Having said that, once in a while, you do end up feeling that it could have done with a bit more juice; considering it weighs almost 2 tonnes!

Should I buy one?

Filling out the void between the Evoque and the Sport – Velar can be your next perfect car!


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