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Nissan Micra CVT | Long Term Review

In this report, the main objective was to extract the Nissan Micra’s city mileage figures in extreme traffic conditions. This could have been achieved only on our way to work during the weekdays. So, instead of leaving when the traffic was less, I left a bit early when the peak traffic began. With the 1.2-litre, 3 cylinder petrol engine producing 77 PS of power and 104Nm of torque, the Micra feels average in terms of power and the initial pickup from a standstill is nippy. Thanks to the smooth CVT gearbox, the acceleration off the line is smoother. As compared to the 5-speed manual petrol variant, the Micra gets 9 PS more power. I drove it for two weeks continuously and covered approximately 300 kilometres in it. The whole purpose of utilizing the Micra moderately was to test it just like any other commuter vehicle. From point A to point B. Well, how did the Micra perform in those two weeks? Read on.

The Micra’s immediate competitor is from the recently launched Datsun GO CVT. Both of them consist of the same CVT gearbox. But the GO is dearer than the Micra by Rs. 1.6 lakh. In fact, even the GO Plus undercuts the Nissan Micra CVT. But if you happen to find a pre-owned Micra CVT in the second-hand car market, you could save a lot of money instead of going for the new GO siblings.

Now, the CVT gearbox in ideal test condition will give you better mileage, however, ideal conditions are quite rare happenings if you are living in a city like Mumbai. In the first week, the Micra gave an average of 9.1 km/l and in the second week, it gave an average of 9.7 km/l. The fuel efficiency is good, considering the Micra was driven with AC switched on throughout the test period.

Ease of Driving
It is really a task to spend every day 3 hours of your life in traffic, and I never felt tired. However, the gear knob feels a bit rough while slotting into drive mode, identical to the one in the Datsun GO siblings. If you are expecting the Micra to handle well, you will not be pleased. The steering has no feel and lacks feedback. However, it is quite light to manoeuvre your way out of tight spots.

Out in the city, the Micra is a convenient hatch to live with. But, honestly, in this price segment, there are better options to look at. However, I still feel, in the second-hand market if you are getting one for a good deal, then you should at least consider it.

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