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India Bike Week 2019: Everything You Need to Know

India Bike Week’s team recently announced the highlights and festival schedule for IBW scheduled for 6th and 7th, December at Little Vagator Hills, Vagator, Goa. Over the last 6 years, thousands of bikers from India and abroad have ridden IBW’s The Great Migration – an epic ride down to India Bike Week in Goa to celebrate the world of biking at IBW. The Great Migration to IBW has become an annual tradition; a rite of passage, an escape into adventure, moto-culture, riding, music, and biker brotherhood.

This year, the IBW Team announced that the festival would include well over 40 percent of more biking content than previous editions:

1. IBW Track Days:

For the first time ever, IBW will feature 4 entirely separate, timed, Bike Racing adventures at the Festival.

Flat Track Timed Trials by Harley-Davidson India – Flat Track racing is one of the oldest and most iconic racing formats in the Harley-Davidson kitty. Participants will be provided custom-built Flat Track 750’s from Rajputana Customs for this track, also run by Vijay Singh from Rajputana Customs. The riders with the top 3 times will be awarded with a cash price of Rs 50,000, 30,000 and 20,000 respectively. Participation is free, interested participants will have to pre-register on and click participate.

Hill Climb by School of Dirt – India Bike Week, in association with School of Dirt, presents an enduro Hill Climb. It is motorsport stripped to its essence. One rider, one machine, one hill. Fastest to the top wins! Engines and frames may have evolved over time, but the elemental challenge of being quickest up the mountain endures. You can learn the art of off-road hill climb from the experts and participate to win exciting prizes at #IBW2019! The participation fee is Rs 1,000.

Big Rock Enduro Training Academy – Experience the thrill of ADV motorcycling. Get training from the off-road experts from Big Rock Dirt Park at #IBW2019 and test your mettle on our specially designed enduro track. Participants will be required to bring their own motorcycle and riding gear. The participation fee is Rs 1,500 for an hour of training. Bikers can pre-register on and click participate.

Moto Mob – Inspired by the moto-mafias of Mexico, this track features stripped-down, naked machines that will test your skills to the limit. Designed for you and your partner in crime, enrol for this wild relay to show ’em who’s boss! Interested bikers, the participation fee will be Rs 600 for a team of two individuals.

2. International Biking Superstars:

At IBW for the first time, celebrated bikers like Rok Bagoros, (International Celebrity Stunter), FMX 4 EVER, (International Freestyle MotoCross Team), Aishwarya Pissay, (First Indian Athlete To Win A World Title), Rajini Krishnan, (First Indian Winner of Asian Road Racing Championship) and Simran King, (National Champion for JK Tyre 1000 CC Category), Ashish Raorane will be showcasing their talents and coming together at the Big Trip for a session on careers in motorsport moderated by Sagar Sheldekar.

3. IBW Icons:

KTM Adventure Ambassador Giovanni Sala, six-time World Enduro Champion and a Master Mentor for the KTM Adventure Rallies will be flying down and share his insights on adventure segment with the bikers. Aishwarya Pissay – First Indian Athlete to win a world title, Rajini Krishnan- First Indian Winner of Asian Road Racing Championship, Simran Singh National Champion – JK Tyre 1000 CC Category are the other Global icons who will be at the festival.

4. Moto Art And Good Music:

Rocking Vagator and India’s bikers, India’s best new musicians from all over the nation like SU Real & General Zooz, Ritviz, Pineapple Express, Best Kept Secret along with L.Y.D. will perform LIVE at IBW. Taking forward the theme of Hand Built culture will be the Moto Art collective, showcasing some of the various artists presenting Biker inspired art and installations by Bacon & Eggs, Prankur Rana, Mechlogue and Tilak Godwa.

5. Global Speakers for the Big Trip:

Candida Louis, Manas Dewan & Anuradha Bhonsale Dewan, Girish Venkatraman, Deepak Kamath, Sukesh Viswanath, Debashish Ghosh & Dharmendra Jain, Alex Chacon are few of the Big Trip Speakers who will be sharing the stage graced by Motorcycle Traveller Greats like Ted Simon, Nick Sanders, Horizons Unlimited, the late Hubert Kriegel, and relate their experiences and insights into the world of two-wheel travel.

6. Retail Therapy for Bikers:

India’s definitive biker’s mart here will be presenting 120+ brands to showcase their world-class gear in an all-new Biker Mart and Expo. Over 120+ Bike Accessory shops including Performance Racing Store and Big Bad Bikes have confirmed their participation.

Tickets are available on insider for Rs. 2,500 (two days) and Rs.1,200 for a day pass along with an early bird Super 6 package till November 20.

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