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Datsun GO CVT & GO+ CVT | First Drive Review | Most Affordable CVT?

Before today, Datsun GO and GO+ were only available in a manual gearbox, but now they will be offered in CVT gearbox as well. Datsun will offer the CVT gearbox in two trims, the T and T(O). And if they are launched between ₹5.5 lakh to ₹6.5 lakh (ex-showroom), they should be the most affordable CVT in the market. But for now, let’s see how well does the CVT gearbox perform?


CVT Gearbox


How Do They Perform?
Under the hood, the Datsun GO and GO+ have the same 1.2-litre 3 cyl, HR12 DE Engine that now gets a power bump of 10 PS than the manual transmission engine. Both the Datsun GO siblings have 77 PS of power and 104 Nm of torque. After the CVT gearbox update, both the cars have become heavier than the manual transmission variants. The Datsun GO weighs in at 913 kilograms and the GO+ at 950 kilograms. CVT gearboxes are known for their cruising nature, and to extract power on the road is something which is far from engaging. Inside the city, both the cars feel nimble to handle and the ride quality is also decent on bad patches of road. It does not feel like the cars have 10 PS more power as the acceleration is mediocre. On the highways, you can hear the road noise inside the cabin and when you give it the beans, the engine becomes way too noisy. Well, Datsun also has given ‘Sport’ mode, which can be engaged by pressing a button on the gear stick. When you are on the move, the revs on the rpm meter increase by 2,000 rpm and the throttle response slightly improves. As far as fuel efficiency is concerned, the claimed mileage for the GO CVT is 20.07 km/l, while the Manual gives 19.27 km/l and for the GO+ CVT gives 19.41 km/l, while the Manual gives 19.72 km/l. Now coming to the handling bits, the steering has a good feel to it when you take it around a corner, which is better than most of the entry-level cars. Overall, with features like vehicle dynamic control along with standard safety features like two front airbags, and ABS+EBD+BA that adds to the driving dynamics of both the cars.


Datsun GO CVT & GO+ CVT


This new CVT gearbox and few cosmetic changes like a Sporty spoiler and CVT badging at the rear of the cars aren’t big of any sorts as the design language is still dated. Nevertheless, this new update looks much more promising in the GO rather than the GO+. The GO faces tough rivalry from Hyundai’s latest Grand i10 NIOS, whereas the GO+ lags behind in terms of features as compared to the Renault Triber.

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