Buying BSIV vehicles in 2019 – 5 Things to Know

BS 4 Vs BS 6

As you all know, the implementation of the sixth stage of the Bharat Stage (BS) Emission norms will come into effect from April 1, 2020. Well, there are 5 things that you should before you delay your 2019 vehicle purchase. Is it actually a risk or a smart decision?

  • Discounts

The Auto industry is facing a massive slump, it could be even called as a crisis situation. As the auto manufacturers are facing a hard time selling their automobiles, there are manufacturers giving out discounts. If you are lucky you could grab a good deal on the vehicle which you are eyeing out since a really long time. Well, the reason being, if you wait until next year, the same vehicle with an upgraded BSVI engine will cost you more. And with diesel vehicles it could go up to 1.5 lakh rupees.

  • Will your BSIV vehicle be banned?

The BSIV vehicle that you own will not get banned. You will only have to feed it with the BSVI fuel in it. The vehicles will have no issue whatsoever if you fill your BSIV compliant vehicle with BSVI fuel type.

  • Warranty Extension

In desperate attempts by manufacturers, there will be many who will offer extended warranty on your current vehicle. Or the price could be lesser than usual if you are looking to extend your vehicle’s warranty.

  • Registration Charges

400 percent hike in registration charges? That’s a huge hike in registration fee. If you want to save up on the extra charges, you should consider buying vehicles before the Government actually implements the rule, that will most likely happen in the next year.

  • Cost of Ownership

Overall, the BSVI compliant vehicles will have improved dynamics than the BSIV compliant vehicle, there will surely be an increase in the cost of ownership for the BSVI vehicles as the manufacturers will put the burden of increased spare part prices on customers.

It will be smart to invest in a vehicle if you are getting it for a really good deal and not worry about what the future norms, as you could very well end up saving some hard cash for that same vehicle if you would have bought next year. However, there is only one downside, do not expect your car’s resale value to be competitive. We think, if you want to invest in a car for more than 5-7 years, it makes sense to buy now, but if you are going to only use it for a couple of years, it will not be a smart decision.

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