Traffic Offences To Get Heftier As Cabinet Approves New Motor Vehicle Act Amendment Bill


It has been a while since the Union Cabinet has been pushing for the amendment of the Motor Vehicle Act. However, it was pending for approval by the Government. Now in a move, the Union Cabinet has approved the amendment of the Motor Vehicle Act which focused on many areas, which highly focuses on road safety.

The road conditions in India has been bad ever since. With the ever-increasing number of vehicles on the roads, road safety has gone for a toss. The number of accidents and deaths on the roads are increasing every year and it is a real issue for the people driving on the roads as well as pedestrian safety.

A constable traffic policeman directing taxis Calcutta Kolkata India

A constable traffic policeman directing taxis Calcutta Kolkata India

With the vehicles now getting safer in terms of incorporating safety systems like high-speed alert, seat-belt warning reminder, ABS and EBD and even vehicle construction for that matter in case of a pedestrian hit by a vehicle. It is time the government now acts very seriously for the road safety matter.

One sad thing in the country is the ever ignorance attitude of the people. Not a lot of people are concerned about their safety and will take every chance to skip a few lanes and save a few hundred rupees. Motorcyclists can be often seen riding without helmets or the helmet hanging in their arms or being carried by the pillion. Similarly, people take wrong turns, drive on wrong sides just to save a few hundred metres of driving or what they would say as saving fuel. Now the push for a major change has been approved. The Union Cabinet has approved the amendment of the Motor Vehicle Act. But, it is to be seen how quick the Parliament reacts to this huge matter of road safety. The cabinet approved bill will now be debated for and If approved will bring major changes to the Indian road safety department.

What is new in this Bill? Well for the information, its gonna cost you a lot of money if you make traffic offences. The fines have been increased to up to 10 times for traffic violations. As for the new proposed fines for a violation, drinking and driving will be fine at Rs. 10,000 from the current fine of Rs. 2000. Riding without a helmet will be fined at Rs. 10,000 an increase from Rs. 100, speeding fines have been increased to Rs 5000 and not giving way to emergency vehicles will be fined at Rs. 10,000.

What more has been changed is the way people get their driving licence in the country. If approved, the average age of a driving licence will be down to 10 years form the current 20 years of validity. Aadhar number will be mandatory while applying for new licences. Not only this, anyone above the age of 55 years, will only get a 5-year validity on his/her licence. Cab aggregators will also be scrutinised and fined in case they are found violating traffic rules.

How this affects the common man. Well for the people who care about their safety will be good to go without having to worry. However, India is a country where ‘Jugaad’ always gets priority. People will find out alternative ways and even bribe to avoid falling in trouble or to get out when scrutinised. The heavy fines will also give rise to a lot of corruption in the overall system as it would be an opportunity to make a few quick bucks. However, this overall amendment is a really good move by the cabinet and as responsible citizens of this huge growing economy, should join hands to make the roads a safer place for motorists as well as for the pedestrians.

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