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No Air In Uptis; GM And Michelin Co-develop Airless Tyres


General Motors and Michelin have come up with something very unique. Their efforts in joint development have given birth to one of the most innovative product for the automobile industry; Airless tyres, which Michelin and GM are calling ‘Uptis’ or detailed as Unique Punctureproof Tyre System.


The Uptis tyres are made with several compounds which give it a maximum life span

The Uptis tyres are currently in their prototype stage. However, the companies have planned to bring their tyres into commercialisation as early as 2024. Not only this, both Michelin and GM are testing these airless tyres on vehicles like the Chevrolet Bolt EV, while real-world testing on a fleet of similar vehicles will follow soon.

What makes Uptis tyres so special? Well, any tyres that we know today uses air to inflate. And as it would be with a fluid, the pressure of air reduces, risks of puncture and flat tyres keep haunting people all over the globe. The Uptis tyres eliminate all these factors as it does not use any air and so there is no way it could run-flat or blowout.


There are many advantages to these airless tyres, the primary one being the feeling of safety. Both driver and passenger can feel safer. Additionally, the operators, drivers do not have to spend time fixing punctures and changing tyres, taking the tyre maintenance levels to nil. Moreover, the companies have also pointed out the fact these airless tyres will also have a longer life in return helping the environment sustain, reducing raw material use and underage tyre change as well.

The Uptis tyres feature a lot of technological advancements and design. It is made from composite materials which allow it to take up the load of the vehicle at highway speeds as well. This results in longer tyre life which otherwise get scrapped prematurely because of punctures, uneven wear and damage from bad roads as well. The development of Uptis Airless tyres shows the thought process of GM and Michelin and their constant effort towards a more sustainable and safer environment and roads.


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