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7 Things You Need To Know About MG Hector’s Connected Features

Today at the DriveIn event in New Delhi MG showcased its iSmart Technology which will feature in their MG Hector car that will be launched in India this year. We bring you the 7 things that you need to know about the connectivity features which the customers should look out for in the MG Hector.

1. 10.4″ Head Unit Screen
It is the largest screen offered by MG Motors that will offer various options for customization as per the customer’s needs and is also tested in extreme climatic conditions. This head unit is the brains for the users to control all the features inside the vehicle.

2. Over the Air Updates
The firmware and the OS will keep on getting new additional features that can be updated over the internet, just like how you update the firmware for your smartphones. This can be done via a simple update through the internet.

3. Voice Assist
Similar to the Hello BMW, MG Motors have their very own “Hello MG,” AI based voice assistant which has 100 voice commands and for the AI to understand different accents it has developed by Nuance.

4. Emergency Calls, Privacy and Cyber Security
Since there will be vehicle details that will be stored on the cloud in the Microsoft Azure Cloud DC in India. To protect them from any cyber attacks it will be updated regularly. Apart from that, the passenger’s safety is given priority as it will directly give an emergency call whenever the vehicle’s airbags have been deployed.

5. Maps & Navigation
TomTom is providing maps and navigation services with real-time traffic updates and updated traffic maps.

6. Inbuilt Music by Gaana
Gaana, an Indian commercial music streaming service gives access to various playlists and allows the users to stream music without ads with a premium account.

7. iSmart App
iSmart App will be available to every MG vehicle owner and you can do a lot of things with the app, for example, vehicle scanning, fuel level and vehicle range, lock or unlock status, find your car, security alert, abnormal tyre pressure notification, remotely switch on the climate control on a hot day when the car has been standing in the sun, speed alert, MG network notification among many other actions.

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