POWER TALK: Pavan Shetty (Director, Porsche India)

Mr. Pavan Shetty is the Director of Porsche India. Prior to this, he was heading operations for Lamborghini India and was associated with Ford as well as a Regional Sales Manager.

Q- Describe yourself in one word.

  • Entrepreneurial

Q- What are your 3 biggest accomplishments?

  • Familiarizing India with Sportscars
  • Creating a new product category (Porsche cars under 1cr.) for the Indian market by right-sizing of the Cayman, Boxster and Macan from a 3.6 litre engine to a 2-litre engine
  • Improving marketing efforts of Porsche India by focusing on customer centric experience based events & extending focus on Tier II cities

Porsche Macan launched

Q-  You think an Ivy League or a Degree Tag is essential to move up in life?

  • An Ivy League/Degree tag can provide you with information, but what is needed in life is decisions. You can make decisions only with real experiences and these decisions are a key to success.

Q- How many messages do you get in your inbox everyday and how do you manage them?

  • Around 150 or so. How I manage them? Do – Delegate – Defer – Delete. In that order.

Q- Tell us how you’ve approached change?

  • My first reaction is discomfort but my approach has always been to weigh the pros and cons and, most of the times, my head wins over my heart.

Q-   Will self-driving cars be a reality in the future? What is your take?

  • They nearly exist now; but when you talk about cars, one always wants to drive a Porsche by oneself.

Q- Future of Cryptocurrency – Do you believe it will change the game?

  • Technology is the key to moving towards a sustainable future and anything that contributes to this is welcome.  However, a regulated environment is the key to avoid pitfalls of excessive speculation.

Q- Which other CEOs do you look up to?

  • Have always admired Mr. Anand Mahindra for his diverse initiatives & truly making India global. Also, Jeff Bezos for conceptualizing a disruptive idea and working relentlessly to make Amazon a sustainable business throughout the world.

Q- When it’s all over, how do you want to be remembered?

  • As a human being who brought small positive changes to other human beings.

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