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Triumph Street Triple RS.


You can get yourself a  Triumph Street Triple RS. That won’t make you a Tom Cruise, with an impossible mission to accomplish. But yeah, never seemed possible manures can be made possible on the track by a street bike and vise versa. The time I spent with the RS has by far been the best riding experience every delivered to me by any bike before. Yes I have had thrills before, yes I have gone faster and yes I have done crazier stuff before. But with the RS, everything was just easier.
I can keep writing about the RS, but then it will seem more of a love story than a review. So let me make it sound like a review.

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1. Engine & Gear Box

The RS has the most powerful version of the 765cc, with 121.2 bhp of power @ 11700rpm and peak Torque of 77Nm @ 10800rpm. Not bad for a street bike Ha!!! ( track worth as well). The RS comes with a Quickshifter, which works well but changing gears without is still precise and slick. ( Good Job there Triumph). There’s plenty of power but you have to work for it, as the engine takes longer(not much by yeah) to build power for the immediate overtake. But once you get that power, you are onboard a rocket.

2. Comfort and Economy

The riding position is surprisingly good for a lightweight sports bike. There’s enough reach to the footpegs for a six-footer, but still with plenty of ground clearance too. For long journeys or for the tracks, it was perfect in both ways. The fuel consumption on the bike………… Well, when I rode it sensibly it was around 15Km/l.

3. Braking

The RS stops like no other bike I remember. The Brembo set-up can be massively powerful or delicate as you like, helped by a set of forks that work in the most sublime manner.

4. Equipment

It’s got the required tech stuff for credible pub bluffing – many levels of adjustable traction, five riding modes, ABS and TFT display with a joystick. The clocks will be a revelation for anyone who’s owned previous sporty Triumphs. Finally, you can see all the info you need, switch functions with ease and fine-tune settings without needing to take your eyes off the road for an hour or stop.

5. What I Didn’t like

The mirrors could have been positioned better and the side stand is difficult to operate when you have your riding boots on.

6. My Verdict

The bike is perfect unless you are demanding epic track performance. Everyday office journeys, Long travel or even track days, they are all just happy miles on this one.



Engine 765 cc, Liquid-cooled, 12 valve, DOHC, in-line 3-cylinder
Power 77 Nm @ 10800 rpm, 121.2bhp @ 11700rpm
speed NA | NA
Price ₹ 11.13 Lacs Ex-Showroom


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