Mercedes Benz India Offers Support for Mumbai Flood Affected Cars

The recent Mumbai Floods left a massive number of cars stranded on the roads because of water entering the engine bay and damaging critical engine parts. In order to assist its customers, Mercedes-Benz India has announced a number of after sales measures. Mercedes-Benz India has prepared a cross-functional task force from the After-Sales team to support the customers whose vehicles have been affected in the sudden Mumbai inundations, on Tuesday, 29th August.

Roland Folger, Managing Director & CEO, Mercedes-Benz India commented,
“The sudden Mumbai floods was distressing and we hope the situation normalizes
soon. As a customer centric brand, we wanted to extend our customers and our dealer partners in Mumbai, with immediate support in the areas related to After- Sales, including replacement of parts, service and also insurance claims. It is ourutmost priority to get the customer vehicles back on the road, at the earliest. We
have formed a cross functional task force at Mercedes-Benz India, who are working
at a war footing towards this. In addition, Mercedes-Benz India has decided to
procure the required parts from Germany and Singapore by air and will not pass this
extra shipping cost to our customers. We aim to provide complete peace of mind to
the customers round the clock with our benchmark service standards.”
Simultaneously Mercedes-Benz’s partner Allianz Global is recovering the affected
vehicles and the retail network teams have committed additional manpower to
support the customers. In a customer centric approach, both dealers in Mumbai have
offered to absorb towing charges for cars recovered via Allianz Global.

Further, Mercedes-Benz India and its dealer partners from neighboring markets have come forward in deploying their trained technical experts to assist the Mumbai dealers in servicing the affected vehicles. This decision will reduce the lead time and result in faster repairs of the vehicles providing some relief to the customers.
Mercedes-Benz India is also offering discounts for spare parts. Daimler Financial Services India is also working on faster processing of insurance formalities of its insured cars. The insurance amount will vary depending upon the levels of damage incurred to the car, extent of engine damage and policy purchased by the customers.

This move is really appreciated from the German carmaker and we expect more brands to come forward and help the customers!

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