The Tesla Model X Off-Roader is Possible!

The Tesla Model X is THE electric SUV that everyone has been talking about. It is as fast as any modern day petrol powered sport scar  as it can do 0-100kmph in just 3.2 seconds! You also get a top speed of 250kmph and even the purists have been complementing its ride and handling- all thanks to its low center of gravity because of the floor mounted batteries.  Now, a Seattle based graphic designer- Mo Aoun has rendered a proper off road version of this electric SUV which has been making news all around. All he wants in return is a job at the Turn 10 Studios which make the Forza video game series.

The changes in the rendered image show a new body armour, rally spec lights, huge bullbars and insane off road wheels all of which have just changed the Tesla Model X’s character by ages. It took him a days work to come up with this masterpiece and boy oh boy are we impressed! Talking about off-roading, I think the Tesla Model X will make for a good off roader as you know all the torque in an electric motor comes right from 1000rpm!  However, Tesla has got a lot on their plate as of now with the deliveries of the Model 3. Still, a good future prospect? What do you think Mr. Elon Musk?

Standard Tesla Model X


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