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The Importance of Riding Gear Part 2

Riding Gloves

Riding Gloves play another vital part in the safety phenomena of riding gear. Not only do they look great, they provide great protection for your fingers, palm and wrist in case of an accident and also keep the weather out. In the case of a fall from a two-wheeler, the first reaction of the rider would be to try and protect himself by pulling out his palms and bracing himself for the fall. Now what this means is that is the first hit would definitely be taken by your fingers, palms and wrists. Hence, riding gloves are really important to ensure complete safety while riding.primary_ba978d81-e60e-4847-a02d-2fb0ee00558b_grande


I have been using the Royal Enfield Short riding gloves from the last couple of months for my daily commute. The knuckles are protected by carbon-fibre and it comes with EVA paddings for the palms. Riding through warm Mumbai summer with these gloves hasn’t been an issue as there is decent ventilation from these gloves. The Velcro strap on the wrist can also accommodate the sleeve of the Darcha riding jacket that I have been using along with the gloves. However, these are entry level gloves and are not suitable for high-speed interactions.


Riding Pants


Your lower body is exposed to a lot of damage during a two-wheeler crash, so wearing a riding pant along with proper knee protection would be really helpful in the case of a fall as you tend to slide around on your thigh/knee once you crash at a high speed. Some riding pants with added hip protection as well. The best way to judge the best riding pant for you is to actually try out the pants and swing a leg over your bike to check for the proper fitting and comfort. The knee protection must be positioned firmly above your knee so that it doesn’t move around in the case of a crash. Another very important point to take care of when buying a riding pant is to ensure that it is CE certified/approved.

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Riding Boots

Boots play a vital role in the event of a crash as one of the most common injuries that happen after a crash is an ankle fracture. Since the ankle is holding all of your body’s weight when you are standing or walking, it is already a strong muscle. HowevRIDING_SHOES1-0683_1_grandeer, during an impact with the road, it can simply snap and break in a matter of seconds. Riding boots are the easiest fix to prevent this and they prevent the ankle from being bent beyond a certain point.

There are different types of riding boots available in our market depending on your usage of touring/commuting or track purposes. Some brands have also been making basic leather boots and branding them as riding boots off late which has led to the confusion of ‘normal boots’ vs ‘riding boots’. Before buying riding boots, if possible, one must try them out and go for a short ride to find the right fit for themselves.





Riding a two-wheeler is a beautiful experience a proper riding gear will ensure that you can be safe at all times and enjoy this experience over and over again without breaking your bones!

Image Source- Silodrome

Image Source- Silodrome

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