Video: Toyota Tacoma Truck Flies Through The Air At The End Of Police Chase

This is not an ad. Or a carefully executed stunt performed by professionals in a controlled environment. This footage was grabbed by a bystander who witnessed the epic conclusion of what must have been a terrifying police chase in Louisiana. So how did a Toyota Tacoma truck get airborne? Here is the backstory.

The truck was pulled over by cops since it was high-speeding. While the passenger – an 18-year old Kevonte Dekorey Austin – chose to stay in the truck, the driver stepped out to talk to the police officers. During this time window, an escaped prisoner slipped into the driver’s seat and drove off. A high-speed chase ensued and the cops deployed spike strips to blow out the truck’s tyres. Since that didn’t stop the vehicle, the officers set up a roadblock. The convict swerved the truck off the road to avoid the roadblock, drove down the grassy embankment along the side of the road where in he lost control completely, rammed into a drainage pipe on his way up the embankment and took the skies, before crashing down into a car parked in restaurant parking lot, which had a woman seated inside it. Thankfully nobody, including the woman who saw a two tonne pickup truck falling from the sky on to her car, was hurt.

Both the owner of the truck and the escaped convict were arrested.

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