Video: Hollywood Director Envisions Donald Trump’s Air Force One And Presidential Limo

Hollywood wasn’t exactly super-excited to have Donald Trump as a presidential candidate. Now that he has won the elections and will be taking over the role as President of the United States, we were hoping that Hollywood will go low-profile on the criticisms and jokes which were levelled against the man. But looks like that’s not the case as Hollywood director Neil Blomkamp (District 9, Elysium, Chappie) has released two videos which give us an interesting take on how the Air Force One and the Presidential limo should be modified to suit the newly-elected President. Blending CGI with real footage, these two short clips take a jab at Mr. Trump for his over-the-top tastes and in-your-face attitude.The Air Force One has gone under the knife to receive a glass roof at the top which seems to be accommodating a large oasis, complete with palm trees. Things don’t stop there as gun turrets, missile launchers and a bomb have been strapped on to the flying fortress to give it all the fire power that “the Donald” needs to bring down an entire army should he fancy it.The Presidential limo is more goofy than the Air Force One concept and clearly mocks Donald Trump’s love for gold and gold-plated items. It looks absolutely ridiculous and would be the kind of vehicle that you’d imagine seeing in a fantasy movie with a tasteless production designer. Since it made us laugh so much and as it wasn’t hard to see “the Donald” even commissioning one of these to be built (just because he can), we believe the design has served its purpose.

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