Video: Guinness World Record For The Fastest Side Wheelie In A Car

There are three folks who are famous for doing side wheelies in a car – Michael Knight from Knight Rider, Frank Martin from The Transporter and Arabs. But none of them were involved in this Guinness World Record-clinching attempt which saw a diesel BMW 330 clocking 186kph while being precariously balanced on its two wheels.

Behind the wheel was Finnish driver Vesa Kivimäki who did a stellar job at clinching the record. The record-making run was made at an airport runway in Finland where a ramp was set up to kick the car up on to its two wheels. From there, Kivimäki floored the accelerator while still making steering corrections to keep the car on its “Ski Mode” stature.

The record was previously held by a Swedish driver who drove a Volvo 850 to a top speed of 180kph.

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