Mahindra E2O Plus Four-Door Version Teased

The Mahindra e2o may not have set the sales charts on fire in India or abroad. But what it managed to achieve was to get the budget car buyer interested in electric cars. With its affordable price tag and quirky styling, the e2o has gradually become the face of electric cars in India. But now that it has been around for some time and the car-buying public are warming up to the idea of owning an electric car, Mahindra & Mahindra has decided to offer more comfort, space and practicality with the four-seater model – the Mahindra e2o Plus.

The manufacturer has released a teaser images of the bigger, four-door version which will be launched soon. Styling will receive a minor update to make it stand apart from its two-door sibling. Mechanically, the car will remain the same as two-door e2o, with the 13.9 kWh battery pack powering the electric power. Performance may be slightly affected given the additional weight and passengers. Driving range will be around 127kms after charging the batteries up to the brim.

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