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A Modern Retro Evocative Motorcycle

Triumph street twin brings modern day mechanics with olde worlde styling

Price: 6.9 lakhs (Ex-showroom Delhi)Rating: 75/100Specs:

  • 900CC Twin Cylinder
  • 55PS Power with 80Nm Torque
  • Traction Control System and ABS

Triumph’s Bonneville has enjoyed a cult following worldwide thanks to their ‘retro styling meets modern-day mechanics’ formula. Updating their line-up thisyear, they have decided to overhaul their motorcycles while maintaining the retro appeal they carry. I swung my leg over the Street Twin and was left with a sore behind, four hundred kilometres later.Triumph has updated the Bonneville line-up and the Street Twin is their baby in that segment. Triumph’s new offering comes in an all-new chassis, instrument cluster and much more, it manages to look like a retro British motorcycle meant to last for years to come. It maintains that look despite being equipped with modern day technologies like traction control system and ABS. The design is simple and does not scream attention. It is a sort of bike that would go unnoticed in a crowd, but when one notices its large retro styled red fuel tank with white stripes, Triumph logo, Bonneville 900HT badge engine, twin exhausts, bench seat and chunky wheels, this motorcycle will leave you mesmerised irrespective of your age or sex.Everything about the Street Twin is designed to perfect that old-school British appeal and Triumph has absolutely nailed that essence. While the earlier 865cc unit gets updated to a 900cc mill, the motorcycle gets an updated torque delivery curve. Aiming pure touring enthusiast, the new unit produces 55PS of power as against the 68PS and 80Nm of torque as against the 68Nm of the earlier mill. And this torque is felt all the way from 3200rpm to 7000rpm. The HT brand on the engine means High Torque and that it does have. Add, ride-by-wire throttle to the recipe and you have a motorcycle that is happy to accelerate at any speed in almost any gear. Sitting on the 750mm height bench seat and holding flat low handlebars, makes it easy to ride the motorcycle. While it feels comfortable at first, it does spank your rear when you ride it fast over uneven surfaces.The instrument cluster is rather simple with an analogue speedometer coupled with a digital display that not only houses the fuel gauge but also gives you numerous info from gear indicator, two tripmeters, average fuel consumption and distance to empty, which I kept checking thanks to the fuel guzzling engine. At times the fuel consumption dropped to single digits especially when in traffic and that was a serious concern considering we got our review unit with almost no fuel and barely made it to the nearest fuel station. Our review unit came equipped with the optional Vance & Hines exhaust. The sound this motorcycle produced was nothing less than eargasms! Punch the throttle in third gear on an open road and hear the engine roar to life.Speaking of the ride, the engine was spot on and had an ample amount of torque throughout the 5-Speed Gear combos. The gears are sufficiently tall with a good amount of travel making it a thorough bred delight. The best part of it all is the first ever liquid cooled Bonneville engine which maintained its cool in start stop traffic and miles of triple digit riding. Try going head first in a turn and the street twin will almost instantaneously make you realise it is not meant to do that. It handles great, considering the engine and weight. And it could definitely do better with a good set of sticky tyres. Adding to the horror are brakes that lack initial bite and overall feel. It does stop when needed but takes a bit getting used to.Triumph has added several kits to the Bonneville line-up and one can customise their ride as per their likings. Then again, I rode this motorcycle through rains and parked it on a beach while I sipped a hot cup of tea wondering what pops a smile when I look at this bike? This is a strange and the most appealing attribute of the Bonneville Street Twin. Yes it has its flaws to the extent where a pillion will have you scraping the underbelly on almost every speed bump and you will be pit stopping constantly at fuel stations, but then when you swing your leg over this motorcycle and ride it on an open highway, it is nothing less than a psychedelic trip in Bonneville heaven assured that modern technologies are handling your safety underneath.

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