BMW flaunts the new M2 in Detroit Auto Show 2016

With the latest M3s and M4s trying to measure up to the size of the M5, BMW’s M line up was getting bulkier as compared to the earlier 3s and 4s which were considered as compact sedans as compared to the newer generations. What the new M2 does is that it brings back the essence of a smaller sedan that meets the performance standards of earlier versions of the M3.

2016-BMW-M2-Photos-Detroit-Auto-Show-17-563x750As pure car enthusiast, we missed the earlier variants of the M3 which made it an easier to approach and own performance car from the BMW stable. Possibly considering that demand, BMW launched the M2 which is powered by a turbocharged inline six that produces quite a punch @ 365 hp.

While the numbers may not be overwhelming, the performance figures make it competent enough to go head on against a much pricier M5. It has similar 0-100 figures and while its smaller the weight to performance ratio too is balanced.

While that was about the performance, the M2 looks gorgeously stunning to look at. It has enough muscle to distinguish it from a rather normal BMW car and also packs in the compact sedan performer looks that we missed all these years. This will be a limited edition product from BMW and we sincerely hope that someday a variation of this is launched in India!

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