10 Most Fashionable Cars in India

How will you classify a car as fashionable? Does it have to super-expensive? Should it be blisteringly fast? Does it have to be hyper-exclusive? Not really. This is a delicate topic and like the Matrix, it can’t be explained in a logical manner. But it can be illustrated with an example.

Driving up in a Hummer H2 used to be fashionable once. Celebrities were dying to buy one and many did. Dads used to gift their sons with the keys to the fuel-guzzling American SUV a few years ago. Sons used to flaunt them at their weekend bashes and parties. When you turn up in one, you literally commanded the attention of everyone around. You were regarded as someone who was up-to-date with the latest of automotive trends. But is it the same now? The Hummer H2 is not being made anymore. But even before its death, the H2 seized to be fashionable. Its image changed. It turned into a vulgar accessory which was driven around by those who were trying desperately to project an urban tough guy image. In short, it seized to be fashionable.

So having painted that picture, let’s take a look at the cars which are fashionable now. These are the machines which tell the bystanders that you are someone with exceptionally high tastes when it comes to choosing your steed. These cars – regardless of their pricing – will make your social circle sit up, take note and bestow you with high standards of class.

We have intentionally avoided the real heavyweights from this list. Because if we chose to include Ferrari, Lamborghini and the lot in this list, we won’t be left with any slots to fill. Let’s just say, we wanted to give the rest of the stars a fighting chance.

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