Hyundai Tucson is coming back in 2016?

If rumors have to be believed, the Hyundai SUV which turned out to be a flop upon its launch years ago is going to make a thundering comeback. Like the Nissan X-Trail which will make its return next year, Hyundai Tucson is expected to be re-launched in the Indian market some time in 2016. The scene has changed as far as the crossover-SUV market is concerned. Buyers are more than willing to part with anything in the range of Rs. 15-25 lakhs for an upmarket SUV which will set them apart from the Duster-Terrano-Ecosport-Creta brigade. And this is precisely why Hyundai is planning to resurrect the Tucson.

The new Tucson looks a lot more stunning than many of its rivals and is by all means is devastatingly good-looking when compared to its predecessor. It does have the Hyundai family face and the fluidic design which is characteristic of Hyundai products. But it distances itself from the Creta by opting for smooth curves and bulges instead of angular lines. This is more Santa Fe than Creta and that sits nicely in between the flagship and the entry-level options in Hyundai’s SUV portfolio for India. Interiors too, bear the signature Hyundai stamp and that’s good news. The dials and buttons and well-laid out and everything has the quality standards that we have come to expect from Hyundai. Expect the features list to include autonomous emergency braking, touchscreen infotainment system, blind spot assist and ESP.

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