Google executive gifts his wife with a $3 million Ferrari FXX-K on her birthday

We’ll give you all some time to find the jaws which you dropped right now after reading the title. And since we believe that women are also into cars as much as men, we are sure that some of you lovely ladies will be sending this link to your boyfriend/husband with the word, “See! This is how it’s done!”

Back to the story, Google exec Benjamin Sloss is the chap who has all of a sudden become the recipient of the collective “Awww” that you just heard. And the reason for his wife Christine’s big smile as well. They own a McLaren P1, a yellow 599XX and a Ferrari LaFerrari already and are gearheads from head to toe. And mind you, Christine is a blue-blooded car enthusiast and top-class driver. Unlike the stereotypical super-rich guy’s wife, Christine drives a fast car because she knows how to take the car to its limit.

FXX-K-Google-2For Christine, her birthday was supposed to be about Benjamin whisking her off to Fiorano racetrack where they’ll take their 599XX around the track. But what awaited her when she reached the track was the sheer glory of the yellow Ferrari FXX-K that Benjamin had bought for her as the birthday gift. An elated Christine took the car for a spin on the track and after a while she was clocking speeds which were close to the FXX-K track record set by Ferrari’s very own test drivers. No wonder Benjamin calls her “racewife”.

Based on the Ferrari LaFerrari, the FXX-K is a bloody good-looking piece of engineering and craftsmanship from the Italian manufacturer. The 1035bhp hypercar powered by a 6.3 litre engine and an electric motor, is among the most extreme machines ever developed by Ferrari.Only 30 examples of this track-focused $3 million hypercar will be made and it’s good to know that one of them found a rightful owner who will ensure that it does what it was built to do.

Go fast… blisteringly fast.

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