Get the best mileage out of your cars

The title in itself may have made you think of all the money that you’ll save in fuel bills. Well, unless you are driving a car which is that awful or is intended to return a pathetic fuel economy, there are a handful of things which can be done to make your steed returns the best of mileage.

Remember, we are not giving away tips which will make your Lamborghini deliver Toyota Prius level fuel efficiency figures. But these pointers can help you achieve the best figures the Lambo (or any other car) is engineered to provide.

  1. [alert type=”warning”]Tires – Always, and we mean always, keep them inflated at the recommended tire pressure. Over-inflated tires will make the ride bumpy and under-inflated will drag the car down the same way a sack of sand tied to your feet does. That directly translates to low fuel economy.[/alert]
  2. [alert type=”warning”]Air filter and spark plugs – Keeping these two clean is as good as giving your car the spark and air that it needs (pun intended) to keep having a healthy life that it deserves.Air filter gets clogged which makes the air flow to the cylinders difficult. An eroded spark plug misfires and leads to fuel wastage. As simple as that.[/alert]
  3. [alert type=”warning”]The tank lid – Wait… what? An ill-fitting tan lid will lead to more wastage of fuel by vaporization than you can possibly imagine. So… keep it tight and keep it real tight.[/alert]
  4. [alert type=”warning”]Need for speed – Not the game, but what we all usually do when that other prick on the road resorts to road behaviour which ticks us off. Or when it’s us who need to satisfy that inherent desire to establish our position as the alpha on the road. Either way it leads to reckless usage of clutch, accelerator, brakes and above all… fuel, which burns down in a frantic fashion. And if that’s not enough, there’s the prospect of a horrible accident which will be more worrying than the fuel economy figures.[/alert]
  5. [alert type=”warning”]Learn to milk the car – Now, before it gives you all the wrong ideas, what we meant is to learn the tricks to drive the car in a smooth manner. Avoid random gear shifting and unnecessary revving up as if someone has issued a challenge to shatter the rev counter. Go easy on the accelerator and brakes on highways where you can choose to take your foot off the accelerator and let the inertia take care of the car for a while. Use the clutch judiciously. And though hard braking looks good in movies, it is really bad for your car and the need to floor the accelerator again to resume propulsion gulps down more fuel.[/alert]
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