Mahindra TUV300 to be launched on September 10

Mahindra is planning to hit it out of the park one more time after the huge success of the XUV500. Yes, the product has its flaws in terms of build quality and refinement. But the XUV500 continues to be one of the best value-for-money cars that you can buy these days. To charge on with the winning streak and to take over a market segment currently dominated by the Ford Ecosport, the Renault Duster, the Nissan Terrano and the new kid on the block – the Hyundai Creta –Mahindra is planning to launch its own compact SUV. It’s called the TUV300 and word is out that it will be launched on September 10.

Mahindra-TUV300-Teaser-ShotThe car is based on an all-new platform from which Mahindra is planning to spawn more vehicles. Like its big brother, the TUV300 is built on a monocoque chassis and will be powered by the newest addition to the manufacturer’s mHawk range of engines. Named mHawk80, the powerplant will be smaller than the one that drives the Scorpio. When launched, the TUV300 will be positioned between the Scorpio and the Bolero.

We aren’t sold on the TUV300’s design yet. It looks a bit too boxy for our tastes in the spy pics which have surfaced. But the Hummer H2 was a breadbox as well. Maybe the top-of-the-line fully-kitted out version of the car will win the required brownie points.

On an additional note, Mahindra should get someone to give their vehicles names than directly using the working titles. The cheetah-inspired XUV500 could have done with an evil-sounding name and the same applies to the tank-inspired TUV300.

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