Aston Martin to sell the Lagonda at $1.08 million a piece

James Bond’s car manufacturer of choice has been going through a complete change in direction recently – and for the good. Sample the Vulcan, for example. It looks bonkers awesome and can set a track on fire which the Italians will take quite a lot of time to extinguish. They even dived into the high-performance super luxury sedan segment with the capable and extremely good-looking Rapide. Now, if rumors have to be believed, Aston Martin is going to have a limited edition production run of the Lagonda Taraf sedan to satisfy the needs and desires of their exclusive global clientele. And they intend to sell it the price of a whopping $1.04 million a piece.

The carbon-fiber bodied Lagonda wasn’t expected to be cheap since it was crafted with the intention of satisfying the indulgence of the rich and the famous. You know, the kind of people who own oil wells and refineries in an area which the rest of the world calls the Middle East. Now Aston is planning to sell the car in select markets outside Arabia, where there are aficionados with pockets as deep as their Arab counterparts. Only 200 copies of the bespoke luxury sedan will be made, which makes it extremely exclusive a product to secure and own.

AM-Lagonda-2The Lagonda will be built by the same boffins who worked on the Vulcan and the Vantage GT12 at Aston Martin’s Gaydon facility. And since it’s a very special car catering to a very special clientele, Aston has also provided buyers with the opportunity to personalize their pride possession. The Q division of Aston Martin (Nice touch there with the James Bond reference) will be more than happy to plonk in everything other than the flamethrower and the ejector seat to suit your daily ultra-luxury car needs.

A naturally-aspirated 6.0-liter V12 borrowed from the Rapide S which belts out at 552hp and 464 lb-ft of torque propels the Lagonda. Power is harnessed by a six-speed ZF automatic gearbox and the luxury vessel can clock 321kph when you are on the way to catch the next flight to Monaco.

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