Triumph Daytona 675R

Zeus’s Thunderbolt

  • Price – R10,70,000/-

Have you ever truly been struck by lightning? Well I have been. I wanted to word my thoughts down immediately after the experience, and hence here I am mind blown – wide awake at the peak of the night explaining why Daytona 675R is the best toy a big boy can have. There are very few things that can turn me into a night owl and one of them is the Daytona 675R, why so? Because my mind is still caught up 2 hours behind obsessing over the speed and agility I witnessed. Triumph has created a masterpiece of a bike that can turn any road into a race track. The speeds that can be reached on the Daytona can be addictive, can make you feel like one of those benny addicts that just can’t get enough of their ride among the clouds.

  • While on the road, the bike sounds like a jet passing by and absolutely disappearing in a matter of seconds. The 675R cc engine sounds like it was built to kill and is at war raging against the slow-steady world. I can still hear the Daytona humming its sweet sounds, filing up the void with a raving music which maintains a rider’s rhythm. From the very first Rev you will fall in love, the moment you shift the gear to One you will feel a thud, an inquisitive feeling, a huge expectation from the Daytona. No longer than you push the throttle your expectations will be the last thing to worry about, as the Daytona rides off like a beast accelerating every inch of your body into the present.You might think a bike with such immense power can be awesomely heavy, WRONG!! You are absolutely wrong. It is feather light and is quick on its wheels with the help of heavy duty and light carbon fibre body parts. Instant wheelies are no biggies for the Daytona, but it can be for your pillion. Redlining can seriously harm your engine, but it is no good if you have a bike like Daytona 675R and you don’t rev it up at least once in a while.

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