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Range Rover Sport SVR Review

What is it?

It is big, brawny, fast and loud, very loud. SVR is a Range Rover on steroids which has some serious anger issues. It looks angry, sounds angry and feels angry….

Angry Car? What do you mean?

Yes, under the hood is a 5.0-litre V8 engine which is supercharged, just like it’s lean and aerodynamic dwarfy cousin – the F Type. It even has the same quad exhausts at the back, which produce a wide range of nice sounding symphonies. Aesthetically, the main changes include the addition of SVR badging, bigger front air intakes on a revised front bumper, new black grilles on the nose, bonnet and front wings, a new roof spoiler and a rear valance that includes a rear diffuser and quad tailpipes.

What’s Interesting?

So the SUV in picture- the SVR is designed and re-engineered by a special performance division of Range Rover called SVO – Special Vehicles Operations. The SVO division is comprised of ex and current Formula 1 drivers, race car mechanics and technical gurus which have all come together to add a dynamic edge to this big and bulky SUV. Has it worked? Find out in the next section.

What’s the outcome? SVO every JLR product?

In a word- Yes, it has worked. There were uncountable number of moments while driving the car where I had completely forgotten that this is an SUV and not a sports car. It sounds exactly like the V8 F Type – pops, crackles and makes all of those lovable noises. The steering, suspension, gearbox sharpens up once you put the car into dynamic mode, making the SUV feel more sportscar like. The 8-speed ZF gearbox has also been tweaked and the shifts are sharp and instantaneous.

On the inside, the centre console comes with a 10-inch In Control Touch Pro infotainment system which feels dated to be honest and even the graphics look dull for a car that’s priced north of Rs 2 Cr. This version gets special SVO seats which look sporty, help in saving weight and offer good support and bolstering as well, something you realise when you are flying through the corners.

DSCN2732 (1)

Talking about flying through the corners, body roll has been well contained especially in dynamic mode( I think I have mentioned it three times by now! ). The steering can tend to feel a bit hard inside the city and taking U-turns can take quite some effort ( the huge dimensions add to the misery).

Now since this is a proper Range Rover, so it does all the proper Range Rover-y stuff off the road. It comes with different terrain modes (mud,grass,rock) ,a low-range gearbox, hill descent control and adjustable air suspension. The SVR has been tested for hours and hours at the Nurburgring ( a dreaded Grand Prix racetrack) and the outcome is quite spectacular. It is definitely the fastest and the sportiest Range Rover ever made.

Should I Buy one?

So to sum things up, you can take the SVR to a racetrack, climb a mountain in it and even cruise long distances comfortably with your entire family and luggage at the back. The SVR definitely does justice to the term ‘SUV’- Sports Utility Vehicle. It can take you to places that no other sports car can and will make you grin from ear to ear every time you step on the throttle. The Porsche Cayenne Turbo might be a better driver’s car but this Range Rover Sport SVR is more about character, rawness along with a slight hint of lunacy!




5.0-litre Supercharged V8


8-SPEED Automatic ZF Transmission

ACCELERATION- 0-100kmph – 4.8 Seconds TOP SPEED – 260kmph


PRICE – Rs. 2.03 Cr (ex-showroom Delhi)

Range Rover Sport SVR Review
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