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Range Rover’s fashionable and chic baby SUVEvoque. If practicality is the main thing that you look forward to in a car, then the Evoque won’t fit the bill for you. It’s a brilliant looking car as it was designed with inputs from Victoria Beckham and the ‘how does it look’ section will be the biggest section in this review. Even though it is a 4X4, most Evoque owners will hardly take this compact SUV off the road and is most likely to stay mostly in urban landscapes.

How does it look?

This one is more of a fashion statement than a proper SUV. As mentioned before, most of the owners who have bought it in the past must have hardly taken it off-roading. Range Rover’s design team absolutely nailed it with the Evoque’s design and it is one of those cars which sells mainly on the looks front. The interiors were originally designed by Victoria Beckham and they do feel special. The dashboard layout is simple, classy and stylish at the same time. It comes with an 8-inch JLR InControl touchscreen infotainment system which offers Navigation, 360 degree cameras and all the connectivity you will ever need. It also gets a 10.1 channel Meridian sound system that just sounds phenomenal. It is one of the best sounding music system I have heard in a car priced south of the crore rupee mark.

These were the good bits. Now, where the Evoque falls short is in terms of practicality and utility. The rear seats feel really cramped for an ‘SUV’ and seating three abreast on long journeys will be torcherous. Even the rear footwells are really small and there is hardly any scope for movement. The rear windows are really small and it’s only the panoramic sunroof which saves the day in an otherwise cramped rear seat. But again, as mentioned in the beginning, it’s a ‘fashion statement’ and a ‘looker’ so if practicality is your main purpose, then you are better off with the Evoque’s seven seater cousin-the Discovery Sport.

Overall, it will make you feel good when you see it from the outside, continue the feel good factor on the inside(of course at the front 2 seats) with its well laid out cabin and an awesome music system along with that huge panoramic sunroof that gives an airy feel to the cabin.

What’s under the hood? How does it drive?

Under the hood is a 2.2-litre diesel engine which is good enough for 188bhp of power and 420Nm of power. The 0-100 acceleration run can be achieved in a modest 9 seconds and has a limited top speed of 195 kmph. It isn’t outrightly fast and aggressive in it’s approach and it could have done with a big more of low-end grunt. It is mated to a 9-speed automatic gearbox which shifts smoothly through the cogs most of the times but can get a bit confused especially during sudden acceleration. The steering offers good feedback and the car feels quite stable at triple digit speeds. The suspension is slightly on the stiffer side which means that you can feel the tarmac undulations every now and then but that aids to the handling part. The Evoque doesn’t feel SUVish when you are try and chug it into tight corners and feels more like a sports sedan on stilts. There are certain hints of body roll and understeer but not something that can be a deal breaker. Another thing worth mentioning here is the fuel efficiency. During my 200-250km run in the city, Evoque managed to return a handsome 11 kmpl which is praiseworthy for a luxury car.

Should I buy one?

As mentioned before, the Evoque is a brilliant fashion statement which drives decently as well. If you are a page 3 celebrity and are willing to trade in practicality over looks, then the Evoque makes a very strong case for itself. It drives well, looks awesome and is fuel efficient as well. Having said that, all that the Evoque has to offer is present in its cheaper sibling – the Discovery Sport with the practicality dose of a 7-seater!


  • ENGINE – 2.2-litre diesel
  • POWER – 188 BHP
  • TORQUE – 420Nm
  • ACCELERATION – 0-100kmph – 9 seconds
  • TRANSMISSION – 9-Speed Automatic, AWD


Reviewed by – Konark Tyagi

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