2017 NISSAN GT-R Review

2017 Nissan GT-R a.k.a Godzilla Road Test

It can literally measure everything- let it be lap times, g-forces, acceleration, boost pressure, brake pedal usage, engine oil, transmission oil temperature, your last girlfriends name and even your bank balance. Trust me, it bloody knows everything!

My hands are still trembling as I type this drive report, it’s been 5 hours since I gave the car back, the mind-boggling adrenaline pumped experience that I have had cannot be explained in simple sane words. I must have used the F word while grinning ear to ear at least 10 times in the initial 10 minutes of my drive. What is this Nissan all about?

The three words ‘G’ ‘T’ ‘R’ put together are definitely the most exciting and meaningful words in car enthusiasts life. GT-R has been gatecrashing supercar parties, musing the tuners and acceleration junkies like no other car. It’s the underdog in the super/hypercar scenario, the cheaper one, the one which looks more sane, more sedan-like and not like a spaceship but sure goes like one.

Aesthetically, the 2017 GT-R get teeny-weeny tweaks here and there. The noticeable things include the addition of a trapezoidal “V-motion” brushed silver grille, new bumpers, front spoiler, and side sills. On the inside, it gets a slightly bigger touchscreen and the number of buttons have been reduced down to 11, just to uncomplicate things. The 2017 model also gets 20 more horses than the previous model.

Each engine of the GT-R is still hand built and there are only 5 people in the entire world who know how to do that. They are called ‘Takumi’(Master Craftsmen) and all of it is done in a sealed laboratory. This mystery behind the engine, the ‘cult-like feeling’ is what makes the GT-R special.The one that I was driving was handbuilt by a gentlemen called ‘Tsunami’. Ironic much?

Now about the drive, as soon as you enter the cabin, the first thing that you are bound to notice is that the dials and knobs give you a very Nissan-ish feel. There are carbon fibre bits here and there but overall the interiors are not something that one will be fond of. But again, it’s a GT-R, it’s not supposed to have nice and luxurious interiors and I think I am digressing a bit from the main USP of the car here- acceleration. Yes, 2.7 seconds to the ton and wags up all the way up to 315kmph. Will such brutal acceleration and savage g-forces acting from every angle, the seats do a great job in keeping you secure and offer great bolstering.

The centre console houses a large touchscreen which will keep the tech geeks happy. It can literally measure everything- let it be lap times, g-forces, acceleration, boost pressure, brake pedal usage, engine oil, transmission oil temperature, your last girlfriends name and even your bank balance. Trust me, it bloody knows everything!

Under the hood is 3.8-litre twin-turbo handcrafted V6 which is good enough for 565bhp of power and 637Nm of torque, around 20bhp more than the last year model. Along with such numbers, it’s the GT-R’s aerodynamic design and the active four-wheel drive tech that helps in achieving those lunatic acceleration figures.

Now let’s talk about the ride quality which is quite a talking point of this car. The suspension setup soaks most of the undulations in ‘Comfort’ mode and makes the car very much drivable in day to day traffic unlike other supercars. It’s just the ground clearance that one needs to be careful about and you need to take on the speed breakers at really slow speeds(trying to cross one wheel at a time).

The steering also offers great feedback when strained hard in tight corners and ensures that you always “feel’ the road which makes the drive quite involving. In my initial 5kms with the car, the brakes did not inspire a lot of confidence and I thought it might be with this particular car as it has been doing rounds with a lot of media houses off late. However, 40-50kms later as I in more sync with the car, I realized the bite and feel of the brake pedal, things became better.

The GT-R comes with a 6-speed automatic dual clutch gearbox which works and behaves like any other dual clutch gearbox i.e smooth and jerk free most of the times. This may sound a little lame but it feels as if the gearbox has a soul of its own. It adapts so quickly to your inputs, knows exactly how you want it to behave and can shift cogs in just 0.15 seconds. Depending on your throttle input, the gearbox can upshift to 6th gear as low as 60 kmph or hold on to the first gear till 80 kmph. However, The gearbox has been placed at the back for the overall weight distribution of the car but still there are hardly any transmission losses that one can notice. The resonance of the new lightweight titanium exhaust system and Active Sound Enhancement (ASE) enhance the driving experience, especially during acceleration.

Launching the GT-R is quite an experience in itself. Build the revs till 4000rpm and let off the brake pedal and you are up to experience some incredible G-forces ! The four-wheel aids in putting down all of that power down and it pretty much makes the car idiot-proof as well.

Overall, the GT-R stays true to the GT badge that it carries and is very much drivable in normal city and highway conditions.

The GT-R has been priced at ₹ 1.99 cr in India and competes with the Mercedes-AMG GT S, Audi R8 Porsche 911 Turbo and the Jaguar F Type. I drove the F-Type recently in Mumbai and I am still in awe of its soundtrack, the pops and crackles, it’s tail-losing nature and did some rounds in the AMG GT S at the Buddh International Circuit last year. Yes, all of these cars are special in their own way but GT-R is all about one thing- Character. Something that just cannot be explained or compared with anything else, it can just be felt!

PRICE : ₹ 1.99 CR (ex-showroom)


  • POWER- 565BHP
  • TORQUE- 637NM

Reviewed by – Konark Tyagi


2017 NISSAN GT-R Review
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