Mercedes AMG C43 Track Review

German car maker Mercedes-Benz has been on a roll in our country since the last two years. After launching 15 new cars in 2015, Mercedes has launched their 13th car for 2016 – the C43 AMG and our Auto Editor took it for a spin at the Buddh International Circuit.

I got an email from Mercedes stating about the AMG C43 launch at the Buddh International Circuit and luckily at the same time I was in Delhi setting up things for the Exhibit Tech Awards.

Two words, ‘AMG’ and ‘Race Track’ are definitely amongst the things that I have doodled on the last page of my notebooks ever since I have been a kid and my love for these two letters escalated to another level when I drove the mad hatter AMG GT S at the track last year.

Now back to business, the AMG C 43 is technically the younger sibling of the AMG C63 and has a V6 engine instead of the classic AMG V8. To be precise, under the hood is a twin-turbo 3.0-litre V6 engine. Power and Torque figures are also lesser than the AMG C 63 at 357 bhp and 520 Nm respectively. However, don’t be misled by the word ‘lesser’ as the C 43 AMG is no slouch and does the 0-100kmph sprint in an impressive 4.7 seconds. It gets off the line with great prowess, thanks to the four wheel drive 4Matic system which is mostly rear biased with a ratio of 69:31 (Rear:Front). Simply put, it lets you have your share of fun while ensuring your and the car’s safety. Also, since we were driving under a controlled environment with AMG instructors and a lead car, we were asked to keep the Traction control on at all times.


So let’s start with the drive, the C 43 AMG gets different drive modes and we started off in Comfort mode from the pit lane just to get used to the car for half and lap and then feel the actual difference and power in the Sport Plus mode. However, my affair in comfort mode lasted only for a comfortable 30 seconds and I was in S + mode right after the first turn- the big right-hander.

After the right-hander, turn 2 is a left hander followed by a very sharp(almost a u-turn) right-hander which leads to the big straight. I entered the straight at around 50-60kmph and had when I had a meek glare at the speedo just before I had to start braking and I was comfortably doing speeds north of 250kmph. After the back straight, it was the parabola that I was keen to test the 4Matic system on and since we supposed to keep the traction control switched on at all times, there was a hint of understeer while pushing the car hard at the parabola and there were a couple of loud tyre screeches as well. The power split between the rear axle was quite evident and I am quite convinced that the C43 would lose its tail without the traction control.

Yes, the C63 feels more alive on the track and has the classic V8 but as mentioned before, the C43 is no slouch and the four wheel drive definitely makes it a slightly more practical car which you can use on an everyday basis.

Stay tuned to the for a detailed review of the C43 AMG and subscribe to Exhibit Magazine on Magzter for more such thrilling reviews.


Mercedes AMG C43 Track Review
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