Jaguar F Type V8 Coupé- The Red Hooligan

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“Listening to a 5.0-litre V8 engine humming in all it’s glory can be quite an utopian experience”


What is the best sound you have ever heard in your life?

It might be a musical instrument, voice of your favourite singer or probably the combination of your favourite singer and your favourite band coming together. Or if you are a petrolhead like me, then the sound of a 5.0-litre supercharged V8 humming in all it’s glory might top the charts for you. Well, I was lucky enough to have this sound at my disposal for a couple of days.

Whats under the hood?

The low-slung Jag draws its prowess from a 5.0-litre Supercharged V8 which is good enough for 543bhp of power along with 680Nm of torque. All this power can catapult the F-type to 100kmph from standstill in just 4.2 seconds.And don’t forget, this is rear wheel drive car, so it struggles a little to put all that power down to the wheels especiallyduring take offs. Even the in-gear acceleration feels mighty quick. The 8-speed ZF torque convertor can be a bit too aggressive at times but that’s justified as it has gargantuan power figures to take care of. Also, when you are driving a 5000cc sports car, things should be a little complicated.Now ask any car geek what a V8 engine is. The first look on his face when you say V8 would most probably give you your answer. Then add the words “supercharged” and “5000cc” and probably he’ll start jumping and hugging you by then. If you can’t imagine this scenario or don’t know of a car geek then think of your wife’s reaction when you say the words “ 24 Carat” or “ Solitaire” . Yes, exactly that reaction!

Is it an everyday sportscar?

Even though the F-Type is as sports car-y as anything can be, it is still very much practical to drive everyday. During our test, we drove the F-type during peak rush hours to check it’s practicality factor and it did leave us impressed. The suspension surprisingly can absorb most of the undulations on our roads quite well and it isn’t really a back breaker like some other sports car. It is quite possible to drive it to work everyday.The F type also has three driving modes, ice/snow, normal and dynamic. The dynamic mode is best suited to the race track as it stiffens up the suspension, adds more weight to the steering and even the gearshifts are sharper along with a raspier engine note. These three driving modes are quite familiar in the Jaguar family and are even present in the Jaguar XJ L which I had a reviewed last month. Though, the difference between modes is much more evident with the F-type.

How does it sound?

In one word- Mental, the best sounding V8 ever made. It pops and crackles and makes all kinds of magical symphonies. The dashboard has this small button which looks like two trumpets. You press that, the quad exhausts make sure that the drama gets escalated to another level. Listening to a 5.0-litre engine V8 humming in all it’s glory can be quite a utopian experience. It can take your alleviate your senses to another level, and it’s very addictive, if you hear it once, you’ll want to hear it again, and again and again. I made sure that I didn’t miss out on even a single opportunity to awaken the lurking monster through those quad exhaust pipes. But I had to be careful, the F-type loves losing its tail. And I didn’t want the F-type to go fishtailing into a local autowala. Also, the traction control works brilliantly to tame this beast inside city limits. The F-Type is like a real-life Jaguar(the Panthera Cat). It’s raw, aggressive, fast and even scares the crowd away.

Why not the Mercedes AMG GT S or the Porsche 911?

20-inch Wheels Wrapped in Pirelli tyres

The Porsche 911 has all the legacy that you can expect out of any car and the AMG is all about the latest tech and turbos but what separates the F-Type from these two is its character. In my opinion, it’s more raw, more happy to lose it’s tail at every corner, screams like a maniac and is the least affected by the modern day gimmicks among the three. The fact that the F Type is more involving to drive, sounds mental and at the same time can be driven sanely on crowded Mumbai streets makes the F Type a winner for me.


  • Engine- 5.0-litre Supercharged V8
  • Power- 543bhp Torque- 680Nm
  • 0-100kmph- 4.2 seconds, Top speed- 300kmph
  • Transmission- 8-Speed ZF Automatic
  • Rear wheel drive

  Reviewed by- Konark Tyagi 

Jaguar F Type V8 Coupé- The Red Hooligan
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