Evoque the Road

Range Rover Evoque tested in its natural habitat

  • Specs: 2.2L Diesel, 188 bhp, 9-speed Automatic, AWD
  • Price: `48.7 – `56 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai)

July was rather arid when it came to unerringly challenging the DNA of our car this month. Our plan – Off-roading and our car – A Range Rover. Range Rovers have grown from being utilitarian vehicles to now being called as one of the most sought out British Iconic luxury SUVs across the globe. As soon as you read the name Range Rover, your mind is set that this is a vehicle that can handle off-roading like no other car can. Although true, owning one is a big deal, literally. They are huge in size and quite literally will cost you a bomb.

_DSC1905But, then came a Range Rover that changed this perception to become the highest selling Rover in its launch year. It had refreshed looks, was compact enough and proudly still carried the Range Rover DNA in a much stylish manner. It does raise eyebrows wherever it goes and hence possibly is called the Range Rover Evoque. It sold around 90,000 units in its launch year in India and now the package just got a whole lot sweeter. Thanks to Land Rover (Tata), who have now started to assemble this car in India as a part of the ‘Make in India’ campaign. Resulting in a reduced price tag of over INR 8 Lacs. It is not cheap by any means but now comes at a more attainable price tag than before. If that wasn’t enough, the new Evoque now offers most of the earlier optional features like Satellite Navigation and Parking sensors as standard across the line up; and a 9-Speed gearbox, thanks to governments of the world uniting over lower emissions and better efficiency standards.

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