BMW 3 Series GT Facelift Review

We have spent 4 days with the BMW 320d GT and here is a day-by-day account of the same!

What is it?

Facelifted version of the BMW 3 Series GT. Has similar driving dynamics as the standard 3 Series sedan with a 200mm longer wheelbase which translates into more space in the rear seat.

How does it look?


If you look at it from the front, there are hardly any differentiating factors in between the normal 3 Series and the 3 GT ( a closer look will show you some differences like revised air damps). Come over to the side, first thing that will strike you is the coupe-like floating roofline and the updated alloy wheel design. At the back, the adjustable spoiler and the large tailgate shape define the 3 Series Gran Turismo.

On the inside, the cabin has a very similar design language as any other BMW i.e modern and retro at the same time. The connected iDrive infotainment system is quite intuitive and definitely is one of the top tech-loaded systems I have seen in a car priced south of Rs. 50 lakh. You can toggle between different drive modes which have their own displays. In the efficiency pro mode, the iDrive system shows exactly how much fuel is being consumed and what is the exact car system straining the battery.

In Sport mode, you can also see the real-time power and torque figures which in my opinion is a very cool bit.  I could actually figure out at what point am I using the peak torque and how early or late the power is delivered in the rev band.


I have spent four days with the 3 Series Gran Turismo and here is a day-wise experience of the same.


Day 1

 The 3 Series GT has been dropped underneath my office, but I have some articles to finish before I head out for a little spin. Cut to 7 PM, I am done with work and as soon as I reach the parking lot, first thing that strikes me is that the 3 GT parked in grey looks more muscular than the regular 3. The frameless windows roll down a little as soon as I unlock the door, and I am greeted by a quite familiar BMW cabin. I take the car out from the parking lot and straight into peak hour Andheri West traffic. Since I started off in Efficiency Pro mode, the Auto start-stop system kicked in which kept on turning the ignition off at every stop as I was inching towards the traffic signal. So I manually turned the system off and things became normal. The NVH levels are surprisingly on the lower side and despite having frameless windows, there is hardly any sound that creeps in.

Day 2

It’s a weekday again and I have to go to work. As soon as I start my journey, I accidentally placed my hand in between both the front seats to find something and it looks like I accidentally hit the trackpad which is a pretty neat feature. You can feed inputs to the maps and all by drawing things on the pad you know!

Day 3

It’s around 11 in the night and I feel like going for a drive. So I pick the Gran Turismo’s keys and switch the Bluetooth on in my smartphone. *Kygo- It Ain’t Me* plays in the background*, the 3 GT is comfortably warmed up in Comfort Mode for a nice 15 minutes until I reach the highway and I switched the drive mode to Sport.

Now I am out on the highway and I am toggling between Sport and Sport Plus modes. The Sport Plus does turn the traction control as well so I am being a bit conscious with the throttle inputs. Also, I am slightly being hesitant as I don’t wanna go sideways 450Nm-ing on public roads as I exit a corner (BMW’s are RWD remember?). Having said that, the 3 power delivery from the 2-litre diesel motor is quite linear to do anything sideways, the turbo-petrol would have been a better bet for this. So now it’s way past midnight and I have reached the Worli Sealink. Time to put the 3 Series through its paces. The 8-speed GEARBOX is smooth, shifts are instantaneous and jerk-free as I get off the line and there’s this huge wave of torque that I am floating on. Oh, and the speakers (total 9 in number) are now playing some song by Diljit Dosanjh which talks about a Lamborghini and is really upbeat. So the 100 mark comes up in around 8-ish seconds but in a very linear and a sedate way. This is when it hits me that this car can be a perfect touring companion for three to four people. It can cruise all day at triple digit speeds, can hold all your luggage properly and offer all the space at the rear seat.

Day 4

It is shoot time!  We need a nice double spread image on which the text that you are reading has been smartly placed by our graphic team. So we decide to start the shoot early in order to avoid the morning hour traffic rush. We finally reach our shoot location(which shall not be disclosed) and our ace photographer Harman is doing what he does best! Done and dusted with the shoot, it is time to return the car back. If I had to sum up my experience of the 3 Series GT in a word, it would be ‘Practicality’. The 3 GT is indeed quite a practical car with an efficient diesel engine and a spacious rear seat. And the best part is the fact that all of it comes with almost similar driving dynamics as the standard 3 and stays true to the ‘GT’ badge.



Engine-2.0-litre turbo diesel

Power- 190bhp Torque- 400NM

Transmission- 8-Speed Automatic, RWD

Acceleration- 0-100kmph – 7.7seconds

PRICE- Rs. 43.3 Lakhs(ex-showroom Delhi)

BMW 3 Series GT Facelift Review
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