Audi TT Review

Audi TT Coupé Review – Is it the Everyday Sportscar?

Audi TT Coupé 45 TFSI Review – Is it the Everyday Sportscar?

The Audi TT has been a major success in the automotive world and has been able to find a nice niche between high-end sports cars and low-end luxury cars. The first time I saw the TT in flesh was almost a decade back. It was doing some rounds in a narrow street in south Delhi. That one was fitted with an aftermarket exhaust though and was very loud.

A decade later, the car here in picture is the Audi TT’s third generation which was launched in India last year. The TT has always been known to be a small bubbly sportscar with which give you the smiles and thrill of a proper sports car with a mix of everyday practicality. We took the TT out in crowded Mumbai streets during peak hour rush traffic to see whether it can be termed as the everyday sportscar.


‘‘ During my 100- 120 kms run in the city, there was hardly an instance when the TT scraped its underbelly.”


If you compare it with motorcycles, it will be like the middleweight 600cc sports bike, something that you would learn on how to tackle the gestures and nature of a proper litre-class superbike. So the TT is a bit like that, it gives you the slight nicks and picks of a proper supercar which has been sedated, de-cylindered and decapacitated. But why am I comparing bikes with cars?

Is it a looker?

Aesthetically, the new TT is no more the round and bubbly looking ‘cute’ sports coupe. It now flexes a quite sharp jawline, the front DRL’s, frontgrille will instantly remind you of its elder sibling-the ₹ 8. And that’s a good thing right?

Crawling in city traffic at single digit speeds, with a sane and muted exhaust, the TT still manages to turn heads. Infact under the ₹ 1 Cr bracket, the Mustang and the TT would be the only cars that can really get a crowd excited.

Talking about city speeds and traffic again, the TT is only 4177 mm in length and 1966 mm in breadth which means that maneuvering it in city traffic is not a pain at all. It makes U-Turn like a normal Skoda sedan and even the ground clearance isn’t much of an issue. During my 100-120 kms run in the city, there was hardly an instance when the TT scraped its underbelly.

What’s under the hood? Is it fast?

Let’s get the technical engine capacity bit first and then to the fast part. It draws power from a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine which is good enough to churn out 226 horses and 370 Nm of torque. Now these number might not look very exciting on paper for a “sports car” but since it uses the new lightweight MQB platform, the TT is a quick little car. It does the 0-100kmph sprint in just 5.3 seconds and has a limited top-speed of 250 kmph. So yes, simply put, the TT is a fast car.

Handler? How’s the ride quality?

Yes, Quattro(All-wheel-drive) tech means that have tons and tons of mechanical grip no matter how hard you try and push the car into corners. Since we were driving the car inside city landscapes and not on the race track, we were not trying to be very brave either. Our test car was running Pirelli Cinturatos which further enhanced the overall grip.

audi TT review

About the ride quality, as mentioned before that we were mostly driving the car inside the city limits which means tackling speed bumps and the undulations in tarmac, the TT did leave us mighty impressed. It comes with 135mm of ground clearance which is quite sufficient for everyday usage. It also comes with four different drive modes- Efficiency, Comfort, Auto and Dynamic. There’s also an individual mode in which you can mix and match the steering, gearbox and suspension characteristics according to your need. Put it in comfort mode and the exhaust mode dulls away, the ride softens up a little and makes the TT completely city-ready. The efficiency mode ensures that the car upshifts quicker and does not rev unnecessarily, saving fuel. It also come with a coasting feature that basically disengages the gearbox with the engine whenever you are rolling with no throttle inputs which basically similar to pressing the clutch in a manual car while rolling in gear. Dynamic mode sharpens up the throttle response, stiffens the suspension and adds some base to the exhaust note. The exhaust lets off a meek brap when you redline the car in dynamic mode which sounds really nice and sporty and leaves you wanting for more.

Should I buy one?

If you want a car that you can drive from office to work everyday and even take on the racetrack over the weekend, the TT makes a lot of sense. After driving it in peak hour traffic, we can safely say that it can be driven sanely at city speeds. But having said all of this, at a price tag of almost ₹ 70-75 lakh including all the taxes, you even have the Mustang on sale in India now and it comes with a big V8 block with all the character one can expect from a sportscar! Audi also has plans to launch the TT RS in our country this year which would be a very interesting car to drive. Yes, the TT is more fuel efficient and more drivable inside city traffic than the American but as of now, I would put my money on the Mustang.



  • ENGINE – 2.0-litre TFSI turbo petrol
  • POWER – 226 BHP
  • TORQUE – 370 Nm
  • 0-100Kmph – 5.3 Seconds
  • Top Speed – 250kmph
  • Transmission – 6 Speed DSG , AWD


Audi TT Coupé Review – Is it the Everyday Sportscar?
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