Audi RS7 Performance Review

Sportback Performance Edition

What is it?

A more powerful version of the already powerful Audi RS7. Has performance that can put a lot of supercars to shame.

How does it look?

Quite similar to the normal RS7, comes with massive 21-inch wheels and our test car had a beautiful shade of green which just makes the car stand out even more in the crowd. Just like the outside, the interiors remain similar to the standard RS7 again with the carbon fibre bits in the dashboard and RS badging on the steering wheel and the gear selector. The Audi MMI system comes has NVIDIA graphics and has enough clarity and visibility even in broad daylight.

How does it perform?

Under the hood is the same 4.0-litre twin turbocharged V8 engine as the standard RS7. However, the power has been bumped up to 605 PS and because of a new overboost feature, it has 50 Nm of extra torque that is reserved for the mid range to provide that extra burst during a flat out run. Even the top speed isn’t limited to 250 kmph anymore and the RS7 can go all to way to a crazy 305 kmph now which is quite achievable(don’t ask us how!) provided that you don’t run out of tarmac.

As one would expect with 605 horses on tap, the car just has MORE than enough power for most instances. It can literally yawn its way to overtake anything and can cruise at 200kmph all day long without breaking a sweat. And it’s all very easy, Audi’s four wheel drive quattro system ensures that you have all the grip you would ever need and which results in carving fast corners with a smile. You feel like a champion coming out of a corner at speeds that will leave you boggled and that too in a proper four door, foor seater car!

That’s the beauty of this car, it can seat four occupants comfortably with decent ground clearance to take on most obstacles and and has performance which lurks into the supercar territory. We managed a 0-100 kmph acceleration run under the claimed 3.8 seconds with a boot full of shooting equipment, now isn’t that something?

But is that a good thing? It has taken away the charm of ‘feeling the speed’ and feels more like a spaceship which is doing supersonic speeds. It’s all calm and normal on the inside, even the quad exhausts aren’t that audible in the cabin as much as they are supposed to be which is a bit of a downer really.

Should I buy one?

The earlier RS7 has the same engine which churns out about 50 odd less hp and is cheaper by about `12 Lakhs. Is this performance variant worth the extra buck then? In my opinion, the standard car has more than enough juice that you will ever need, even on the race track ! Having said that,if you get one, 605 PS and 750NM are numbers that will make you think twice before buying a supercar then, especially when you’ll be cruising comfortably at illegal speeds with all your family and luggage onboard.


  • 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8
  • Power – 605 PS
  • Torque – 750 Nm
  • 0-100kmph- 3.8 seconds
  • Top Speed – 305kmph

Reviewed by- Konark Tyagi

Audi RS7 Performance Review
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