The Motomiu Katanga Uno

How Harley Surprised Us

Reviewed by:Jay Bhargav

We have been reviewing extravagant motorcycles for quite some time now, but never have we been this amazed as we were to receive this particular Harley Davidson. Unlike a Stock Street 750, the Katanga Uno is much more eye grabbing and sounds like a raging beast on the road. We all love bikes for their powerful actions and looks to die for. Katanga Uno is one such ride that was imagined by its maker for the perfect amount of thrill tagged along with beauty. This Single seated ride will leave the onlookers in a complete awe with its customized paint jobs and many other improved features.

  • Motomiu vamped-up a regular Street 750 their way to make it more practical. The weight has been reduced nearly by 20Kgs. The difference is quite notable on a long stretch when that extra power is needed. The reduced weight offers agility through the traffic, but you might want to miss the traffic prone areas with this one as the real fun lies on the longer stretches where higher RPMs can be reached.The bike is made for a city like Mumbai as it welcomes every ditch and pothole happily with the Showa Suspensions, you might hardly feel a bump in that custom made bucket seat of yours.


  • If you specifically ask a Harley aficionado, what they love the most about their machine, they would suggest you ride it to feel the thump. A Harley V-Twin is best known for creating that symphonic cacophony which leaves people chasing the sound as you pass by. To add to the flavor Motomiu improvised with an all aluminium custom made slip-on exhaust. With the addition of the exhaust the sound completely changes and does true justice to the name ‘Katanga’, which denotes a subspecies of the Lion in southwestern Africa. The thumps are loud enough to penetrate the Helmet shell and fiddle with your ear drums, kind of sets a rhythm to your riding.


  • Things can get really hot with the Katanga, and for protection the exhausts have heat wraps which bleakly manages to keep the temperature at bay. The only issue faced is that this Harley can get too hot to handle around traffic. The liquid cooled V-Twin gets no room to breathe and apparently you end up drenched. The same bike sports a heroic performance providing absolute comfort and torque in open spaces.


  • What really catches the eye is the breath-taking design & effective changes that have been made to the original 750. Motomiu has made extensive use of aluminium throughout the body. The Adjustable Clip–on Handle-bar, Rear sets and pegs, the exhaust, headlight mount, are all crafted with aluminium. The custom rear tire provides a great grip and offers the reliability to push the speedometer throttle a little harder. The original Street 750 is more of a cruiser while the Katanga falls in the category of a café racer with aggressive ergonomics. One can really meet with turns and swing through light traffic sportily with the light weight and stance that tickle your reflexes. What further boosts your confidence on the Katanga are the solid Dual Disks on the front end.
  • Hands-down I would opt for the Katanga over a regular Harley, but one needs to understand that it is altogether a different experience to have your own stock motorcycle and customize it in accordance with your personality. Harleys are best known for its reputation with custom biking houses, they love them and so will you. I bet our friends at Motomiu have their share of fun with the bikes.


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