There is something about the new generation Audis which make them more appealing than their predecessors. Yes, the new ones are still a bit serious and may not laugh out loud when you crack a joke. But somewhere you’ll see that they did get the joke and are in fact grinning inside. For us, that’s a good start and that’s what makes the new Audi A4 30 TFSI a sign of the good things which are headed our way from the German carmaker.We were flown down to Bhubaneswar in Odisha to check out the new A4 which will soon be arriving in dealerships all over the country. So the responsible folks that we as auto journos are, we got the luxury of checking it out in advance and boy did the car deliver in loads.Audi_A4_30TFSI_First_Drive_Review (5)Coming In StyleThough the profile remains more or less the same as the 8th generation car (B8), the 9th generation A4 (B9) is a lot better-looking than the former. But let’s get things straight at the very beginning itself. This is an all-new car and not a facelift. Every panel is new and all that you need to do is park the B8 and B9 next to each other to see how much more sporty and fresh the B9 looks. The design is sharper and angular. And that bold shoulder line which starts from the headlamps, runs across the length of the car before concluding at the tail lamps, adds more drama to the side profile. The wing mirrors are now mounted on the doors than tucked in the place where the A-pillar meets the door.The front fascia is striking and sharp. The grille now takes up more real estate and has got this diamond-inspired shape. Now that’s something which we got to see a lot in the recent Captain America: Civil War car chase sequence. We love that movie, by the way. The air intakes on either side of the grille have grown in size and shape too. The LED headlamps now have a pronounced and aggressive look which is further enhanced by the new DRLs. The rear looks more confident than that of the B8 with the tail lamp position aligning with the shoulder line. The turn indicators with their Knight Rider-ish swiping effect are a slick addition. Overall the package looks striking and in red, it is one bloody good sight to behold (pun intended).

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