Street Bob – It sings the right tunes to match your every mood – Harley Davidson

I had spent 3 hours of travel time to get to the Harley dealership and was in no mood to ride back. Even the few minutes that took me to get the paperwork done felt like hours. The thought that I was going to take equal, perhaps more time to get back home was adding to my frustration.

However, things started to get better for me the moment I laid my eyes on the bike. It was a significant upgrade over the last year’s release. Most of the bike was filled with black and chrome and the rest was the colour one could choose from a choice of five. Mine was in green and it complemented the black and the chrome beautifully.

The upgrades didn’t stop just there; twist the throttle and the 1745 cc Milwaukee-Eight™ 107 would churn out 144 Nm of torque at 3000 rpm. The power delivery was crisp and the throttle was very responsive. I don’t remember how long I took to get back home. All I can think of was the smile I had on my face all the way back home. The bike was a bit lighter than the previous generation of Street Bob. This made riding, braking or cornering easier. The simplicity continued. Mounted on the middle bar were two screens barely noticeable. That was my dashboard and on either end of the bars, I found all-black (illuminated) switch controls. On the front was the all-LED headlight, which did a fair job at lighting up the road. I was able to see the cylinder head between the seat and tank when seated. There were no advanced electronics to distract me, no traction control or fancy power modes – but ABS comes standard.

Every time I was out riding, I felt like the bike would keep yelling at me,” Is that all you got?” I was always tempted to keep pushing it harder, may it be on the breaks or the curves. Obviously, it’s not as fast as a sports bike. But it’s ready to jump at the pull of the throttle and reach good speeds at a blink of my eyes.

There were only two drawbacks and not flaws that I would like to point out.
1. The seat would get a little uncomfortable on long distances.
2. I really had to stretch out my arms, while making a U-turn at low speeds. But then, these issues are rather personal and will vary from person to person. Hence, drawbacks and not flaws.

My Take
The bike will make you fall in love with Harley Davidson. And that was the ulterior motive behind the new Harley Davidson Street Bob.

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