Shortest Breakup of My Life

[alert type=”primary”]Reviewed by- Pratik Ghone; Photography- Dhwanil Mukhtyar [/alert]

For a guy who is accustomed to one-night stands (reviewing exotic wheels from various manufacturers), the chance of falling in love is like finding a needle in a haystack. Usually I date these beauties (Cars) for a few days, spend some quality time together, enjoy them andget to know them on a deeper level and then move on to the next beauty that my date is scheduled with. It was a habitual schedule, and my next beauty was a rather popular one. I had perceived her through virtual media and every other person had nothing but admirations for her. I am a hard to impress man and thus possibly, I did not give their thoughts any weightage whatsoever. Although, deep down inside of me, I was contemplating that it all better be true.

01The day arrived and like a gentleman would portray, I was on time to pick my beauty from her house (Showroom). First look at her (Jaguar F-Type Coupe R) and time actually paused for a brief moment. I had seen her on a flat screen monitor, but witnessing her in person shot me in a trance. She was one of the most beautiful thingsever created. She was standing in bright red that portrayed her curves in the most sensuous manner. She had mesmerizing eyes, eyes that looked straight into your heart, eyes that flirted with your vulnerable side. It’s hard to describe her without using my swear directory! Her elder sibling (Jaguar F-Type convertible) was right next to her and although she was exposing more than her sister, the younger one clearly possessed her superiority with the ‘R’ badging and those added (aluminum) curves (that made her 80% sturdier and rigid) than her elder one.

Her body lines sizzled as they curved towards her beautifully designed rear section. She looked like a princess wearing a war suit and also did pack in more punch than her siblings surrounding her. I was being drawn to her alpha feminine character that cleared showcased right from her face (large grills with sporty air intake cut-outs) to her crafted forehead (sporty hood) to her stylish shoes (20 inch alloy wheels with Pirelli rubbers) to her sassy back that grips your vision as you stare at it for a time spell unaccounted. As I approached her, I was being engulfed in her beautiful aura to such an extent that it made me question my identity compared to hers! One touch (Unlocked) and her subtle body movements (door handles appeared through the door and RVMs glided out) welcomed my approach. As I took her sturdy hand (thick doors that shut with a confident volume), and sat with her, I was immersed in her persona.

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