Schizophrenic R8

Everyday docile supercar? Is there such a thing? We investigate…

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  • 5.2litre V10 Engine – 550 bhp.
  • 4.5kmpl. Quattro 4 wheel drive.
  • Price: INR 2.3 crore ex-showroom.

Its just been two hours since we left the expressway and Lonavala behind. But it feels like its been ages. Deep into a by-lane on the way to Amby Valley, we’ve perched our ride for the day, an Audi R8 V10 Plus, next to an old, abandoned, run down structure of sorts. Me and Prathik haven’t spoken for the last hour or so, cuz we’ve been gorging at the beautiful sun that’s setting before us. It’s a magical place, this one. And it only gets better with time, cuz once the sun sets, the stars come out of hiding to light up the entire sky in a moment of zen!

IMG_6532Talking about ageing well, the Audi that we’re driving here is the latest and greatest R8 ever made for the road. It’s powered by a 5.2L naturally aspirated V10 engine, churning out close to 550bhp. Those are some big numbers! But at this point of time, none of that matters. The sun has just set and we’re seeing a part of the milky-way unwind before us. This place is barren, dark, and eerily creepy cuz of that ruin I was talking about, but the presence of the stars in the night sky make it feel almost friendly. Just like the R8. It really is a friendly supercar. Yes, its got a massive engine right behind the driver, but its only intimidating when you push it hard. Else, its just happy idling around the city at 40 kmph in fifth gear.

It’s the same thing with the way it looks. Its striking, but not in your face. It grabs eye balls, but it doesn’t send people scurrying for cover. In a lot of ways, it’s the exact opposite of the Gallardo, which is the R8’s elder brother. There’s lots of carbon fibre on display on the outside. The mirror housings for instance, as well as the front splitter. Audi’s done a wonderful job of giving it an aggressive yet balanced stance. Lets just put it this way, you’d look as much at home with this car when you’re wearing a pair of shorts as you would if you climbed out of it when you were wearing a business suit.

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