Kawasaki ZX-10R – The Mean Green

[alert type=”primary”]By Jay Bhargav; Photography – Dhwanil Mukhtyar [/alert]

Ninjas are not that rare a sight on Mumbai roads lately; you can constantly see them passing by smoothly without yelling it out to the spectators. The army of green is steadily on its way up in the market easily competing with its competitors at Honda and Yamaha. A week or two earlier we reviewed the Triumph Daytona 675 R which was one thunderbolt of a machine. And as soon as we received the ZX-10R for a review, we knew we were in for a game full of surprises. Surprises that made our smiles stretch ear to ear and left our eyes wide open.

The Kawasaki ZX-10R is a machine not made for the weak hearted. With the kind of power and mechanical prowess it can go ballistic on any road in a fraction of time. This is not the kind of ride that you just stumble upon in random areas, it is something one needs to watch out for and relish the experience riding it. The ZX-10R has helped Tom Sykes jot his name down in the books of history as a great competitor and winner of Superbike World Championship in the year 2013. Kawasaki ZX-10R is a motor bike specifically bred for the track, its performance can truly be witnessed only with a complete gear on and wide open roads up ahead.

2013-Kawasaki-Ninja-ZX-10RThe first ZX-10R was released in the year 2004 as the successor to ZX-9R. Over the matter of time, besides the engine, fuel system and tank capacity, everything else on the bike has been modified. The latest ZX-10R is a completely revamped bike as compared to its predecessors. With better Performance, ergonomic and inclusion of S-KTRC (Sport Kawasaki Traction Control) System and KIBS (Kawasaki Intelligent Braking System) the ZX-10R is dual purpose bike, one that is a speedster on the track and smooth on everyday road travelling.

As we did not have a Professional track at our disposal to experience the bikes full potential we peeped a little into its safe care provisions that keeps the bike grounded. The S-KTRC Continuously keeps a track of a number of elements to optimize the acceleration and safeguard the rider. It syncs the front and rear wheel speeds, engine RPM and Throttle position. This activity of governing the mentioned features is carried out every 5 seconds and the sync occurs accordingly without the rider evidently noticing it. This lets a racer stay in control of the bike throughout even when cutting out of corners and instantly getting back in the race with quick acceleration. The Traction control allows the bike to accelerate as long as a proper forward motion is observed, on tracks where the Dirty side and race lines are covered with rubber burns towards the end of the race, S-KTRC is something that manages to keep the racer ahead of the competition and mounted on the bike. It lets you open the throttle wide open leaving behind a tread mark in a linear direction stating that the power is directed inline with the front wheel, not causing the bike to go off balance.

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