Jaguar XJ L Portfolio LWB:Sumptuousness personified

Reviewed by- Pratik Ghone
  • Price: ₹ 1.2CR onwards (Upgrades at added price)
  • Specs: 3.0L Diesel, 271bhp and 600nm torque, LWB

Monsoons are here and everybody has a plan. We too had one, opined of going off-roading in an SUV and test its capabilities on some demanding wet surfaces. Fate, on the other hand, had a different agenda and our off-roading plan swapped to a relatively lavish drive through the busy roads of our beloved city. All this while, we get our backs massaged as we are engulfed in the luxurious bucket seats of the Jaguar XJ L Portfolio LWB. The popular XJ series just got a bit grandeur.

  • One look at the Jaguar XJ, and the first thought that strikes your mind is British Luxury or James Bond or as an Indian car enthusiast, Tata’s best decision. And all though all of these stand true, the Jaguar XJ L Portfolio is a unique package than the usual Jaguar XJ. For starters- It’s a tad bit longer, a bit heavier and a bit more subtle when it glides on road. But, when you ask the question – Why is it priced extensively higher than its competition? The only way to answer it is, to get in the car and experience its opulence.
  • _DSC1605Let’s start from the rear seats, as almost every customer for this car will be chauffer driven for sure. The longer wheelbase has now added spacious amount of leg room enough to stretch your legs straight. Ours was the premium packaged Portfolio, thereby the rear seats not only had controls to move and adjust the front seat but also could tilt and recline enough to make you fall asleep in those leather buckets with a user-adjustable relaxing back massage. If that’s not enough, you can warm or cool your seats making it a spa treatment with your clothes on. Also in the package were large 10 inch screens attached to both the front seats that allow users to control the infotainment and get route previews when navigating. The upgrade also included large fold-out trays, big enough to house a regular sized laptop turning your car into a perfect work station as you travel. With climate control for four areas in the car, each passenger can enjoy his/her own world.


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