Jaguar XE Review

The Driver’s Cat

What is it?

The entry-level driver-focused Jaguar XE which is supposed to be driven.

How does it look?

The test car that we had came in this beautiful shade of blue as you can see in the image. The XE makes its intentions clear starting from the way it looks. The front end looks sharp and aggressive. It’s like similar to a  crouching cat ready to attack the prey. Basically, the aggressive nature of car synchronises well with the way it looks. Once you are inside the cabin post half a squat, the tan leather seats and upholstery, basically everything in the cabin feels plush and premium. Starting from the fabric of the seats, the quality of materials, the touch and feel of everything on the inside feels nice and upmarket-something that one should expect in a Jaguar. The panoramic sunroof gives a roomy and airy feel to the cabin. The touchscreen system comes with the latest In Control Pro unit housed in a 10.1 inch touchscreen. You get 360 degree camera views and all around parking sensor displays on it which can be really helpful while coping with Mumbai traffic.

So is it the Drivers Jag?

Indeed. I have tested the entire Jaguar range right from the XE to the F Type. Of Course comparing the XE with the latter will be absolutely bollocks but the XE is indeed a very very involving car. We were testing the 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol variant which pumps out a healthy 237bhp of power and 340NM of torque. Jag says the ton can be achieved in  6.8 seconds which is really impressive and will be more than enough for most of your needs.

The only disappointing bit in my opinion is the gearbox. The 8-speed torque convertor automatic unit isn’t the smoothest while shifting and if you compare it with a dual-clutch unit as seen on its german rivals, the difference is quite visible. ( I do have a personal bias against Torque convertors anyway). The gears are held up aggressively at times which can be slightly nerving in traffic. Another thing that might let you down a bit is the turbo lag. It is slightly hesitant getting off the line i.e the first second or so (that’s the case with any turbo charged petrol car) but once you are in the meat of the powerband (3000rpm-5500rpm), things do get nice and sporty.


The steering- yes- the steering is one of the nice bits on the baby Jag. The size, placement and the feel is exactly where it needs to be. I have said this about the XF as well, the ergonomics of these new age Jags are really spot on. Everything in the cabin feels as if it has been designed around and for the driver. The suspension is slightly on the stiffer side which helps when translates into better control while driving and is quite liveable with as well for an everyday basis. Slotting the drive select into comfort mode does smoothen up things considerably.


Should I buy one?

As I have mentioned before in our previous reviews as well, a Jaguar grabs more eyeballs than any of its German counterparts in our country and the XE is no exception. It will make sure that wherever you go, you WILL be noticed and if you are behind the wheel yourself, you’ll most probably reach there with a smile on your face. Yes, a BMW might be more involving to drive and a Mercedes or an Audi will have more space, but the Jag has a really strong character of its own.

If you like being behind the wheel yourself all the time, the Jaguar XE can be your perfect companion.


ENGINE- 2.0-litre Turbocharged Petrol

POWER- 237bhp     TORQUE- 340NM



PRICE- Rs. 45.34 Lakhs (Portfolio) (ex-showroom Delhi)


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