Indian Chief Vintage – Ride the tradition!

When you look around in your present day surroundings, you will realize that there aren’t many souvenirs that will remind you of the bygone world. And when in such a world you have a glimpse of the past it leaves you bewildered. The 2014 Indian Chief Vintage is that glimpse which showcases an entire century in a matter of second and tickles your wanderlust. We can call it a primitive artifact but then that would be unworthy of its modern mechanical power. The bike looks like a century old marvel, but once the throttle is pushed, you would know what a modern beast sounds like. Indian Motorcycle has its share of history, and to be true, it is a topsy-turvy one. But just like every king was once a crying baby and every building was just a map, we should look at how things rolled in for the Indian Motorcycles and not judge it by its past. The 2014 Indian Chief Vintage has adopted its design from the original Indian Chief, which was first manufactured in the year 1922. The Vintage is a powerfully built bike, whose design reflects the Indians of yore and performance reveals the strength of modern mechanics with world class engineering.

First Impression

I would be lying if I said I didn’t like showing off my ride to the world. It has got the perfect looks to be a spectator ride. Once you have comfortably rested yourself on it, you will start to garner loads of attention from onlookers. The very first thing that will attract eyes towards the Vintage is its tan leather seats and saddlebags. The leather traditionally complements the bike and is also very durable. Saddlebags are easily removable and quite spacious, unfortunately they don’t lock. The Vintage maintains its legendary looks even without the leather bags which hide the beautiful back fender. Yet another disruptive feature acquired by the bike is its front and back fenders. Both the fenders resemble the Red Indian Headdress, which proves how determined are the manufacturers to maintain the original look and feel of the bike. Moreover, the chrome finish is magnetizing and the analog speedometer on the tank can never go unnoticed. The speedometer is clearly readable and easily accessible. One can just imagine how much efforts have been taken to preserve the heritage and make it appealing to the masses. The Indian Chief Vintage also sports a cop like windscreen atop the chrome finished handlebar. The windscreen does an impeccable job at blocking the wind from running into your face. The bike is designed to achieve high cruising speeds and all bike enthusiasts face difficulties with wind resistance. It would be no good if you crossed a 160 km/hour mark, but wasn’t able to see anything after that. Although easily detachable, I would suggest you keep it on, if you intend to be safe and avoid the situation where people start confusing your Indian Vintage for Indian Classic.

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