In Luxury’s Lap With The Audi A8L

Under the Hood

  • V8 Engine with 90 degree V angle
  • 346 bhp @ 4,000 rpm
  • 4134cc Engine Displacement
  • 90 litre of Fuel Capacity (Diesel)
  • 11 km/litre mileage (Highway)
  • AWD, 8 Gears
  • 6DVD changer
  • Camera with parking sensors
  • Leather upholstery
  • Electrically Adjustable
  • Sunroof/Moonroof


It’s easy to guess what lies under that long hood, but pop it open and you might yet be surprised. Seated inside the comfort of the A8L you don’t even hear the engine, but if you’re right in front of it, it feels more like a chorus of singers rather than rumbling wrestlers. All of 4134cc with eight cylinders arranged in a 90-degree ‘V’. Fuel is sprayed via piezo injectors at 2000 bar while massive VTG twin turbochargers spool up the power at the disposal of your right foot.

up1First Impressions


Some luxurious cars are meant only to be travelled in. You don’t drive such cars around, you hire a chauffeur with a clean-cut white uniform who greets you politely every time you step out or go into this beauty of a machine. The L in the A8 stands for LONG or as it’s technically called – longer wheelbase. At almost about six feet wide and a humongous 17 feet plus long the A8 poses atrocious dimensions. But, then again – this is not your every day car. At a starting price of around a crore rupees, this is luxury on wheels at its finest.



The very moment you step inside the A8L you feel like never getting out! Especially with the summer months setting in. The plush interiors welcome you with warm arms and the overall feel and look everywhere from the driver’s seat to the passengers, is top notch. There’s a Multi Media Interface screen that pops up out of the dash, controlled by a simple scroll-and-click wheel. The seats feel like they were custom made for you and will move the way you want ‘em to. Once you’ve determined the best seating position, you simply need to push the START engine button and the magic begins! The gear selector is like an airplane throttle control, only much easier to understand and operate. After settling into position, you let the V8 4.2 TDI q engine do the talking. An engine that easily produces 350 hp and delivers 800 Nm of torque. With an acceleration from 0-100 kph in 5.6 seconds, the huge car can surely move quickly. VERY quickly!

DSC_0435 The (optional) Bang & Olufsen sound system was top notch too, and so was the air-conditioning – which includes the four zone automatic climate control system. Of course, the multimedia has bluetooth connectivity too, which lets you pair your smartphone and essentially control it from the media controller, but the pure audio quality from the surround speakers in the car was just incredible. The backseat is where even more luxury and comfort welcome you, with a TV screen welcoming you with the Audi Music interface present throughout. There’s a set of quality bluetooth headphones included as well, should you wish to sit back and enjoy the ride. There’s also a pull out plank for keeping your coffee or important business papers. If you get tired of work, then pull down the door behind your shoulders – and voila! There’s a small fridge to store your liquid needs.

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