Chieftain Dark Horse – Black is all you need

Few years ago, Bruce Wayne walked into an Indian Motorcycle dealership. Need I say more? The Dark Horse line-up was born that day.

The Chieftain Dark Horse is a blacked-out bagger that adds even more attitude to the Dark Horse family. It is powered by Thunder Stroke® 111 V-Twin (1811cc) engine which produces a peak torque of 150Nm at 2900rpm. And the bike looks super intimidating.

The Design & Chassis

The design has been incorporated from the locomotives of the 1950s, bulky yet streamlined and rightly the bike looks like one heading down the road. The steering geometry of the bike is engineered to deliver light and responsive handling no matter the speed. The larger part of the bike comes covered in Thunder Black Smoke, a deep black with a matte finish that throws subtle highlights as lights play across the curves. It looks both sinister and stealthy at the same time.

The large 46mm forks float the front end on 4.7-inches of travel and the single rear pneumatic shock can be adjusted for load or preference with 4.49 inches of travel. Variable suspension tuning capabilities are becoming more omnipresent every year, and anyone not adapting to this change are falling far behind.

With dual four-pot calipers on the front, a twin-pot caliper on the rear and ABS as standard, the Indian comes equipped with a lot of stopping power. The front calipers disappear behind painted-to-match brake covers that blend right in with the fenders.


Remote Lockable Hard Saddlebags, which provide plenty of storage place. There is height-adjustable windshield that can be raised or lowered at a touch of a button. Built into the fairing is a 100 watt audio system with dual highoutput speakers, producing premium-quality sound for your music or your calls (Bluetooth connectivity). And the Cruise Control is easy to setup for smooth and relaxed highway cruising.


There are a few squeaks that you can hear from the fairing when you ride over small bumps, but I don’t know if it’s the build quality or the roads that should be blamed. Otherwise, the bike rides beautifully and delivers an amazing ride experience.

Price : ₹ 29.3 Lacs (ex-showroom)


  • Engine – 1811 cc Thunder Stroke® 111, 6-Speed
  • Power – 150 Nm @ 2900 rpm
  • Speed – 0 to 100Km/h in 4.5s
  • Top Speed – 202 Km/h (manufacturer claimed)

My Take

It’s not necessary that you should own an Indian just because you love cruisers, but if you have deep pockets and want an outstanding look while riding. You should go get yourself an Indian Chieftain Dark Horse.

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