2018 Jaguar XF Diesel Prestige Review

What is it?

2018 Model Year update of Jaguar’s mid-size luxury saloon. Get’s new tech updates but uses the same 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel unit.

How does it look?

Aesthetically, the car hasn’t changed much from the previous variant. You still get the chrome flanked front grille which makes sure that you can identify the Jag from a kilometre away(most likely because of the sun’s or the opposite car’s beam reflection). There is no denying the fact that we Indians love chrome and the XF makes sure that you get all of it wherever possible.On the inside, the Incontrol touch pro unit feels a bit dated now in terms of it’s UI. However, you can now create a wifi-hotspot by inserting a data-only SIM card into the card reader and then a data signal is provided by the local 4G mobile network via a roof-mounted antenna. This provides a stronger data connection as the ‘blocking’ effect traditionally associated with a car’s metal structure is reduced.

How does it perform?

Under the hood of the XF is the same 2.0-litre turbocharged Ingenium diesel pot which is good enough for 180 hp of power along with 430Nm of torque. The difference can be felt right from the moment go. The new engine feels more refined, power delivery is quite linear and even sounds alright when revved hard. Taking care of the transmission duties is the 8-speed ZF torque converter gearbox. It shifts smoothly between the cogs and the addition of paddle shifters add to the entire feel. This new variant is also based on a new iQ aluminum-intensive platform which is lighter than before and what that translates into is a better driving experience. You can be confident chucking the XF into corners and the body roll is quite negligible.I have been testing a lot of high-end cars off late and one thing that really stood out in this new XF was the driving position. The seat bolstering, the steering wheel placement/size, everything just feels perfect and inspires oodles of confidence as soon as you get behind the wheel. The steering wheel offers good feedback and you feel connected with the road, the suspension is stiff yet comfortable at the same time and the brakes have a decent bite. You can alter the steering, transmission and engine response with the standard Jaguar Drive Control by toggling between Normal, Dynamic, Eco, and Rain/Ice/Snow modes. The dials turn red when you put it in Dynamic mode, the steering weighs up and the gearbox holds each gear for longer, giving it a sporty vibe.

Things are nice and comfortable for the rear occupants as well. The wheelbase has increased from the last generation which translates into more leg space at the back. The seats again are quite comfortable, offer good all around support and since the NVH levels are on the lower side, the cabin is definitely a good place to be in.

Should I buy one?

The Jaguar XF still continues to impress like before and there is no doubting the fact that it will still grab more eyeballs than it’s German counterparts. However, the new 5 Series, E Class LWB and even the new A5 offer a lot more in terms of tech and comfort and are even priced pretty aggressively!


This review was published in the February issue of Exhibit Magazine

Price- Rs. 51.46 Lakh (ex-showroom)


Engine- 2.0-litre Ingenium Diesel

Power- 180PS, Torque- 430Nm

Accelaration – 0-100kmph- 8.1 seconds

Top Speed- 229kmph

Transmission – 8 Speed ZF Automatic, RWD


Reviewed by- Konark Tyagi

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