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Making a Mark – Exhibit Auto Tech Awards

It was a balmy evening when I was heading back from Las Vegas. With CES wrapping up, it was time to scout along all that tech, news and piece of wide-eyed information that I could pick up. Having said that, have you ever wondered how we stand at a time when we are looking at confronting both anticipation & anxiety in tandem? That is exactly what goes into the making of futuristic tech. This year CES was big on innovation. From turntables to hyper-learning headphones, giant robust monitors, 8K TVs, VR gadgets, a plethora of wearable tech, foldable smartphones-We have lined up each and one of ‘em right across this issue. However, apart from the usual conveyor of exciting tech, it was a bit disappointing to see photography play real low key. Not quite sure why. It was a four day event and we were a team of five still we could only cover 70% of it. Take a look at the best of CES that we did with two nerdy and glamorous hosts which we exported from Mumbai.

Well, well another good thing to close this January was the first-ever edition of Exhibit Auto Tech Awards, held in association with Vibe British Audio, ALD Automotive, fragrance maker Tasotti and put together by our own saluting the finest gentry in the automotive arena. It’s been an amazing time putting your brains around bringing together the best brand in the automotive business together and for the maiden edition we almost had a standing ovation. When you talk about sleek cars and super bikes somewhere in the picture frame you begin to see beautiful ladies, and in our awards we had that glamour quotient going well for us.

But feb is the month of love and we have the current god of bachelor kartik Aryan making our issue red hot. The biggest debate higher than chicken and egg story is about Mans’ first love – his car or his girl , take your pick but in this issue we have it both covered ! Enjoy the issue and Enjoy the love.


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