Turn-By-Turn Navigation For Apple Maps Goes Live

Finally, some good news for Apple users, looking to make use of Apple maps for navigating Indian roads. Recently, Apple went ahead to enable turn-by-turn navigation feature for Indian roads and terrains across all macOS and iOS devices and for CarPlay as well. Apple Maps have always been the missing part of the sweet cake that Apple is known for. Although Apple launched the service way back in 2012, one had to rely upon Google Maps for navigating out of their Apple devices, owing to the rudimentary output the maps gave out. As mapping data received their fair share of improvement over years across businesses an establishments at large, marking significant locations across the map became a need of the hour in metropolitan cities. Hence, turn by turn navigation gained widespread acceptability.

Cab services integration

Reportedly, the navigation is also integrated with can service data wherein you can enter your desired destination to pull up popular ride apps services across the likes of Uber, Ola and others. Thus, you will be able to gain a firsthand comparison of the rates without having to open another app for booking your ride. Only when you choose to ride with a particular cab provider, then you will be redirected to the dedicated app to confirm your ride.

Room for better play

What’s still missing in Apple Maps is how you can reach a place by using public transport, by train or by bus. Also, flyover support is absent as of yet and the place just shows a 3D rendering of the area. Apart from that, basic navigational features are working fine, minus a few glitches. The layout is still on the rough side and sometimes the routes prescribed in navigational flow aren’t the ideal ones. So, anyone looking to make a shift is advised to hold on for the time being. In all probability, the feature is bound to receive a boost as more and more people turn towards using it. As of now, Apple Maps requires no update to be done.

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