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7 classic cars that should make a comeback

Royal Enfield’s Interceptor 650 has made me think why aren’t the car manufacturers bringing their old designs back with a refined and environment-friendly. Don’t you just hate it when you see an abandoned old beautiful classic lying in dust or in a junkyard? These are the seven cars which I feel should make a comeback in the future. Let the nostalgia sink in.

  • Mitsubishi Lancer

Discontinuing a rally legend seriously, Mitsubishi? If you’re someone who owns this beaut till date, you deserve a pat on the back. Mitsubishi is going electric, but bringing the evergreen Lancer EVO’s design would make a lot of JDM freaks happy, if not the legendary 4G63 engine.


  • Tata Sierra

Sierra was the base for SUVs in India, it all began with THIS! It screams masculine from far. If Tata brings back this design in the near future based on the Impact 2.0 design platform we are in for a real treat, to say the least.

  • Hindustan Motor Contessa

India’s first muscle car, yes people, we had a muscle car manufactured from our home soil by Hindustan Motors. To petrolheads, it wouldn’t sound anything new. A slight tweak in its design for a modern look with not so flashy interiors should do the trick.

  • Mahindra jeep classic

A 4×4 open Jeep was famously used in the Indian Army. It was the very first Jeep to be sold in India that offered disc brakes and it stayed true to its off-roading abilities with its lightweight body.

  • Zen Carbon & Steel

In total there were only 600 units produced for both carbon and steel. The first hatchback to have three doors that came with power steering. Back in the days, a sporty option for the small hatched Zen was just for eye candy.

  • Ambassador

A status symbol for many individuals in India when it had launched, then became the official vehicle for Government officials and military personnel. The muscular ambassador was quite the looker and is a head-turner even today.

  • Padmini Premier

Column-based shifters were a thing of the past. With its unique design and retro look, the Padmini Premier rivalled the Ambassador, if they’re to be launched today in the market with an electric engine, just for the sake of it, auto enthusiasts wouldn’t think twice before buying it.


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